Weekend Riding


I finally had my good camera in the car this morn. This guy looked pretty lonely out on the lake.  Hope he at least caught something.

I had my biggest week yet in the saddle. Ended up with 9 hours 26 minutes. And I can feel all of that this morn. Almost 5 hours on Sat\Sun. With Saturday having the hardest effort yet this year.


Here’s the bike with the new wheels on. A good wheelset sure does dress up a bike.

So I mentioned in the last post how I froze my ass off on Fridays ride. So Saturday I woke to 30 degrees and frost.


So after scraping my windshield I turned around and went back in the house to get my thermal stuff on. Boots too. No way I was going to freeze two days in a row.

Well, after we left the store, about 20 minutes into the ride it jumps to 55 degrees. And now Im grossly overdressed. And I suffered the rest of the ride. My feet were the worst. I could have wrung out my socks when I got back. Plus I worked on hanging with the fast guys. Always a split second from getting spit off the back but I did hang in longer than I thought I could. That was the hardest effort so far this spring and I was almost seeing stars when we got back to the store. Legs were going to be sore for sure.

And they were. So sore I could not sleep. I should have just gotten out of bed and took some ibuprofen but I did not. So I just laid there and took it like a man. There was a longer ride called out for Sunday and I knew I could not ride quite that long but I decided to start with them, then flippit home at some point.

Sunday ride was quite the opposite as far as temp. The ride started out very nice at near 60 degrees. The only extra clothing I had was arm warmers and it felt good. We headed south into a slight headwind that I knew would help me heading home solo.

After about 20 miles I called it a day and turned back, the others kept going. No more than a few miles solo I get a flat front. And not the leaking kind. It blew and went down in 15 seconds. I was going maybe 17mph and almost went down. I had all the fix’ins I needed so I just pulled over and changed the tube no problem. But during the change the winds switched a complete 180.. and temps plummeted over 20 degrees. On the news later that nite they said it dropped 22 degrees in 15 minutes.

And once again, I froze my ass off. I had about 15 miles to go home yet and I was in some pain. My toes got numb. Winds now in my face at 20mph. The four of us rode out at 17mph and now I was freezing and heading home at 8 mph. It was a epic ride back. One that tests one mental toughness.

I almost thought about calling someone. But I didnt. And I suffered all the back to the store again. Threw bike bike in the store, drove home and shivered under a blanket for a few hours. I just could not get warm.

I have yet to find out what the other guys did or how far they went. Anyway, Im off the bike until Wednesday, but it looks like rain then….

Better get to work.


Wa da ya think?

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