Christmas in April

Its 3pm already on this Friday. Another late post due to a busy day and a bike ride.  Got another 20+ bike shipment this morn and they are all sold bikes so its start early and work late until they are gone. I did get out for a ride this morn but once again froze my ass off at 39 degrees. I just suck at dressing myself.

Yesterday was a whirlwind too and even with the bikes arriving Im still behind in all my bike shop duties before they even got here.

All the Zipp stuff came. Along with my new Sidi shoes so it was like Christmas for me. I already have a set of 404’s on the bike Im riding. And those wheels slated to hit my build when all the parts get here for that. I ever treated myself to a Dura Ace cassette….

Here’s yesterday in pictures….

Crazy day yesterday and today too. I think I will be able to do the entire ride tomorrow morn. Still, it will be in the high 30’s at ride time. Even calling for some frost tonite.

With the ride this morning I only need a hour\45 minutes to hit 6 hours this week. So this is the third week in a row I’ve hit my goal. Soon.. starting in May the goal will increase to 8 hours per week. Then 10 and some point. Depends on the weather…

So I better get back to work. Have a great weekend.


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