Bad Ride\Good Ride


So since I switched my ride to Tues\Thurs things have not gone so well. Yesterday I headed out solo into a cold head wind. I was underdressed and freezing my ass off. Just 20 minutes into the ride I had a mental breakdown and just wanted to quit so I flipped it. But not before I stopped and just sat by the lake, where I took the pic above. I took some time to settle myself down a bit and started the slow roll back to the store.

I just did not want to be on the bike in the first place but felt obligated to because it was a Tuesday. I did manage to get one hour on the clock after a small detour. It was better than nothing but not by much.

Its tough to ride and get sunburned one day, the freeze the next. Im not that good at clothing levels so I miss from time to time and Tuesday I missed.

However today it was 10 degrees warmer out and I wore the exact same thing as yesterday and was just fine. Being Wednesday I had a buddy to ride with too and since he is available on Wednesdays I am back to Long Ride Wednesdays. I’ll just have to adjust the schedule in the store. Wednesday just works better for others so I’ll do that so I have someone to ride with.

Today I felt much better on the bike and we did a bit of an extended route. About a hour and 45 minutes. Which puts me at 2 hours 45 minutes heading into Thursday. Way ahead of schedule compared to the last two weeks…  And I even thru in a couple intervals today.

Things are happening fast for my RM 1 build. My Zipp wheels shipped today and I just got the email that the shift levers I’ve been waiting for are in too and will ship this week. I still need to measure and order the wires. That will be next. This bike will be done for sure in 10 days….  I can’t wait. I’ll post stuff as it happens.

Just waiting on brown Santa to arrive with the stuff…..


Wa da ya think?

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