Late Monday

Another crazy Monday morn. No time to post. Actually, I had a eye doc appt and they dilated my eyes and I could not see shit all morning so I just got behind with ordering and whatever.

Now its a hour to close, things are a little bit quiet, and I have some time to type. I ordered my 29+ wheels today for the Farley, but its going to be a while longer before I hit the woods judging on what my backyard looks like today.

My backyard Sunday.

It’s a bit wet right now. At least when it ever dries out I’ll be ready. I have yet to have my magical first ride on dirt this spring. I can’t wait.

The weekend was good for riding. I didnt hit my 6 hour mark but came within 20  minutes of it and thats close enough considering I did it in three days again. I got a hour and 30 minutes on Friday, hour and 50 minutes on Saturday and two hours 25 minutes on Sunday on a windy solo ride. It was sunny and I got a sunburn!

Sundays ride was especially cool as I spied an eagle nest that was occupied. I’ll never tell where but I will return this week for a few quick pictures. That’s the fourth nest I know of in the area and usually dont give out the location publicly so they are left alone… even I won’t visit the nest more than once.

Tomorrow I will get yet another ride in before work. Tuesdays and Thursdays are now my long ride days. Im not sure how long I will ride tomorrow but two and a half sounds good to me. Will be nice to get some time on the bike earlier in the week. Looking ahead to the next few days it looks like more rain. Cripes.

So it looks like next post will be Wednesday. Maybe. Before I go I’ll leave you with a little humor.


Can’t count how many times I’ve done that.


Wa da ya think?

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