Nice morning for a ride. A bit chilly at 34 degrees when I woke but it hit near 40 at ride time. Sun was out so that helped. Once again its Friday morn and I have zero time on the bike so the hour and a half this morning was a start. Same as last week and I hit 6 hours then so I am going to have to rely on Sunday to help get that done again this week.

I didnt get to ride Thursday as planned as it was raining pretty good. Rain again tonite. I heard the woods was dry. For about a day anyway. I still have not built my summer 29+ wheels for my Farley EX but will do so in the next week or so.

So the bike Im “borrowing” to ride until I get mine built has a hydro 105 driveline. Any new bike I had has been Di2 since 2012. This is the first (new) mechanical drive I’ve rode in a long time. I gatta say Im impressed. The Shimano 105 seems like the Dura Ace of 2012. It shifts easy and perfectly. The entire cost of this driveline isn’t much more than a Di2 DA rear derailleur. How nuts is that.

This year I went from XTR Di2 on the fatbike to the new XT Di2, cost is about half and it works just as good. Its maybe a bit heavier and not as shiny but works great. Same theory here.

Im amazed at how good this 105 works and has me thinking. In about a month Trek will come out with the new Boone and Im set to build a nice “gravel” bike to use up north this summer. Of course I was thinking electronic but now Im not so sure. How about going 105, save the money and put on some Zipp wheels or something. Putting the money where it makes the most sense.

Maybe Im just getting soft in my old age. More practical. Since when have I built a bike being practical? Where’s the fun in that? Anyway, I still have my road bike to build so I need to keep this one at a time.

I hope to get out before work tomorrow too but its still busy in the store and I can’t do the entire ride again. But maybe just a bit longer than usual. Would be nice to get in at least 2 hours, Then only needing two and a half on Sunday. I should have the time for that but I have yet to check the weather….

I hope to be outside a lot this weekend. You should try and do the same.


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