Falling Behind


Its Wednesday morn, the sun is out and Im not riding. I’ll explain later.

Parts are trickling in for my RM1. Shifters\brakes still not slated to be here until the end of the month so it does not pay to start it. Before I hang all the fancy schmancy parts on it I need to get all the internal routing in the bike. And I need the shifters\brakes to do so. So there it sits. Waiting patiently.

But I would not have time to do it now anyway. The spring sale just ended and it was a successful one. Ten or more bikes are arriving daily and its early to the store and late to go home these days. Get the bikes built, get all the accessories on the right bikes. It’s crazy right now. In a good way. I’ve got two shifts working on the assembly. People here until midnight. I go home around 8pm.

So my ride schedule has changed once again. I have a part time tech guy that comes in on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So I have to be here on Wednesdays now to keep him moving. So Long Ride Wednesdays is out before it got started.. Instead I’ve picked both Tuesdays and Thursdays to ride. Two days is better than one. And it just works out better in the store.

So tomorrow I’ll be on the bike in the morning. Hope the sun is out like this morning…

When I bring in another brand of bike in the store people ask if I do that because they’re better than Trek? Absolutely not. They are an alternative to Trek. When you get to such a high level of bike they are almost all pretty damn good. And I for sure do not mind riding Trek at all. But one of the perks of owning a bike store is being able to ride all kinds of bikes. I like mixing it up a bit. This summer my Trek to ride would have been the same model Domane as last year and not that thats a bad thing but I like to expand my bike riding knowledge. I like to keep riding new stuff. Or different stuff. Its that diversity that allows me to form opinions on things.

I rode my Domane SLR all last summer and loved it. I rode the RM2 Sunday and liked it too. Can’t wait to get the RM1 up and running. I am always partial to bikes I build for the ground up as opposed to taking them out of a box.

Better get to work.


Wa da ya think?

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