Late Monday

I planned on typing this hours ago but I’ve been busy since open. The Trek sale is coming to a close and its been a successful one. Even today, the last day, I seem to type 5 or 6 words here and have to get up again. Im not complaining. Over 30 bikes sold since Thursday. Nice!

So, this weekend was a good one all the way around. As far as riding I was skeptical about my 6 hour weekly goal as did not ride until Friday morn this week. And i knew I could not ride long Saturday morn either. So between those two days I got in about 3 hours. I even rode my bike home from the store Saturday, then back on Sunday to get in another 40 minutes. Then on Sunday I reluctantly called out a Port Washington ride which is about 60 miles. Besides that disastrous overnight bike tour last July that almost crippled me, I havent been on a ride that long since 2013. I just hoped i did not have to call for a ride home…

This was the first rides on the BMC Roadmachine. So not only was I setting up for my longest ride in years, it was on a new bike that Im sure I my body would reject until it got used to the geometry. Sometimes it takes a few rides to sort things out.

As far as the ride went. I was pleasantly surprised. I didnt suffer near as much as I thought and I ended up with 68 miles for the day. Sure, I was sore when done but not bad sore, more like good sore. of course I did my best to stay on someone’s wheel and the other guys knew my score here and they helped me along a ton.

I thought I would be limping for days but I could ride again today. So thats promising.

I like the bike. Very rarely does a bike fit me that well out of the box. I mean a stock bike. The BMC fit me like I hand picked all the components myself. The bar is a 42cm and I have never used one that small. To my surprise it seemed to be just fine. Maybe even a little less fatigue in my shoulders. I might have just stumbled onto something here.

The Roadmachine is a straight up road bike. It’s not a gravel bike or a endurance bike. It’s a full on road bike with disk brakes. It has no gadgets on it like the Trek Domane’s Isospeed (front and rear) and can tell you I felt that. I felt more “road noise” thru the frame.

But I always wanted to ride a true road bike again. Just a super light, fast, sturdy road bike and the BMC is that. Compared to Trek I would call it a Emonda with disk brakes.

When I cranked on the pedals I could feel it was fast. The power hit the ground pretty quickly. Faster than the Domane? Maybe. After riding all the comfort endurance bikes and cross bikes the last couple years I could tell this bike was faster overall. And thats the kind of bike it is. A little rougher ride than the Trek Domane but zippy fast like a true road bike.

It’s got some cool things to like the headset cap turns with the bike. Not a big deal but kinda cool. Also the hidden internal seatpost clamp is cool too. Very clean looking.


And the bikes are very fast as you saw Sunday.

So Sunday I ended up with over 4 hours in the saddle. Cementing my 6 hour week, having done all 6 hours in three days. Sundays ride was very promising and I might consider another like that for Long Ride Wednesday this week. Which means I won’t get a post out Wednesdays anymore. But there’s plenty of other days…



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