New Bike (temp)

I dont have a lot of time to post today either. I did get in a nice 25 mile ride before work this morn. And it might be the last ride on my 920 in winter\spring mode.

I did get in a BMC Roadmachine 2 today. And Im going to ride it. I still have the Roadmachine 1 frameset but Im waiting on Shimano Hydro Di2 shifters. Most likely the end of the month. So in the meantime I’ll ride this hydro 105 bike for maybe three weeks before I can finish mine.

I almost never (acually never) pull a bike off the floor but I’ll make an exception this spring. I need the miles and seat time to compare my weight. And I hope to group ride a bit more than solo. And group rides just won’t work for me on a 920 when everyone else is on their road rockets.

So Im putting this bike together today to ride tomorrow on the Saturday morning ride. I can’t Ā do the entire ride as I have to work the store’s sale but Sunday looks very nice out and I hope to ride a bunch then….

That’s all I have time for. Come Monday I’ll try to recap the weekend and maybe have some first impressions on the BMC.

Have a great weekend.


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