Weekend Was Nice


Got another thule T2 Pro rack. I like them.

Looks like we had two days in a row without much rain and it happened to be Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was some pretty good weather. But it started out cold. Like 28 degrees when I got up. Im sure that was the reason only a few showed up for the group ride.  Maybe 7 bikes. By the time 10am showed up it was over 40 degrees and everyone was grossly overdressed including me. The high temp later in the afternoon was 58. A full 30 degrees warmer than the morning.

After two weeks of solo riding I was pretty sure I was in much better shape but after the guys cranked it up to 20+ mph I was reminded that I was not in as good of shape as I felt. After getting dropped a few times I was riding alone the last 5 or 6 miles home. Back to the drawing board. Most guys had their carbon road rockets out and its pretty hard to keep up with a 30 pound tour bike. I hope to figure out my road bike soon but it looks like the shifters will be on back order thru the middle of the month. Crap.

After work Saturday I loaded the bike and gathered all my riding gear to take home with me so I can ride from home on Sunday. I needed just one hour to reach my goal of 6 hours per week so I was pretty confident I would do that.

But it was not a for sure deal. I got up and was having a pretty good lazy Sunday morning. I considered the couch instead. I told myself I was waiting for it to warm up a little more. And finally I mustered the mindset to get up and ride. It was a bit over 50 degrees so I only had a top baselayer and knee warmers for extra clothing. It was nice to not have to put on thermal tights to ride.

Sunday reminiscing.

I ride from home maybe twice a summer but it was the only rides I did 9 years ago. It was weird to hit up a road that I was on almost everyday so many years ago. I’ve taken several pics off this bridge as far back as 15 years ago. I looked in my achives but could not find any.

I tooled around the old neighborhood for a little over an hour fulfilling my 6 hour commitment. It was a nice ride.

This week does not look so good for the 6 hour minimum. With the store now opening at 10am and the next four days calling for rain it will be hard to get out in the morning. Mid 30’s for highs on Thursday with chance of snow. The weather takes one step forward and two back. However, the weather dudes are saying next weekend looks good. I’ll hold them to that.

Looks like my next chance at a ride is Wednesday morn. Cold and rainy. Keeping the fenders on the 920.


Wa da ya think?

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