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BMC w\pics


So Monday I had a lot to say with no pics. Not today. Got some good shots this morn from the beach. It’s cold, like 20 degrees down from the near 40 at this time yesterday. In fact I did get a ride in yesterday. 20 miles before the store opened.

And like I mentioned yesterday Im getting the itch to ride a road bike. The 920 tour bike suffices early on but as more and more riders pull out their carbon road rockets and the rides get longer the 30+ pound bike get a little boring. Its time to get my summer road bike rolling. And thats just what I did.

Yesterday’s ride.

I havent said too much but Im bringing in a few BMC bikes. BMC is new(ish) to the States and they are allowing me to be a non stocking dealer. Which means I dont need to order 20k in bikes to sell them. In the past I’ve sold both Felt and Raleigh but their huge order requirements had me drop them. I like to sell another brand besides my main (Trek) but I can’t and won’t order 20k of bikes I dont want. So long story short, Im bringing 3 BMC road bikes in. Even tho BMC is not well known here they do have a huge Protour presence with the team based in the US.

So after a lot of thought I decided to ride a BMC Roadmachine 1. Im getting the red team frameset and going from there. One of the things I like to do is build my bikes. Its fun. originally I had my heart set on eTap but I just can’t get past not having hydro brakes. And since the eTap hydro won’t be out till later this summer its Di2. And thats not a bad second choice. To make the bike easier to sell later I’ll go with Ultegra. Like XT on the MTB Im always been a fan of one step off the top. It’s just as good to me and half the cost.

But one new twist this year is I hope to get my first set of Zipp wheels.I never rode a set. So Im thinking 404 Firecrest disk. I think that will look nice on that bike.


Anyway, I’ll talk more about the build when I get started. The frame is on the way and Im now getting all the parts documented. Should be a fun build.

So now we had something to talk about AND some pics. In fact here’s one more from this morn….


Im sure you will see a ton of the new bike in the next few weeks. In the back of my mind Im thinking 1 by 11. I’ll have to sleep on that a few more nights….


Spring Weekend

Typical spring weeknd. I woke up Saturday not wanting to do the group ride. It was snowing\rain\wet out. Roads were wet. And it was 35 degrees so the chance of a potential bad ride was high. I even sent out a email to the guy saying I was out. Then after some peer pressure I agreed to go.

It was not just the wet conditions that held me back but also lack of sleep. It’s crazy how when you get old things you do everyday go to hell. Like sleep. I woke at 3am and that was about it for me. At the time that I was to get up and get ready for the ride I was trying to go back to sleep. But I most likely would not so I got up and rode my bike.

It was a nice ride. And I knew that if I went I would have a good ride. I have the best fenders out of the group and thats a plus for most of the other guys as I was getting spray from their fenderless rear wheels. How rude.

It was a bike ride I was not going to do and Im glad I did it. God knows I need the saddle time.

Sunday was a lazy day but I knew that going in. I had some of the grandkids for a sleepover and my wife had something going on so she was out. The kids put me thru my paces and I knew I was not going to ride the next morn. Then after all the excitement I just spent the rest of the day on the couch. I might have had a small nap shoved in there somewhere.

This morn is pretty nice out. Almost sunny and temps in the 40’s for the first day of spring. A ride this morn would have been nice but I had work to do.

All the normal spring thoughts are going thru my head.

What road bike am I going to ride?: The weather will be nice enough to ride good road bikes soon.  I have no idea. Well, I do have a few ideas but have no idea which idea I will or can go with.

I think Im going to ride to the store more often this summer: I always say that this time of year. I never do. I should.

I should start looking at where Im going to tour this summer: Like thats going to happen. The last few years I was looking to tour up to Marquette. Around the lake is my bucket list ride but will take too long. I’ll settle for another ride up to Door County. I’ve done that twice.

Im going to lose weight and get back on my 10 hour a week ride schedule: This is one that I should do also. 10 hours of saddle time is not that much and I do have some weeks that I do, but just a couple. Never consistently.

There’s more but I can’t think of them.

One week ago today we got near 10 inches of snow. It’s all gone. All of it. Looking at the 10 day I see some temps below freezing at night but nothing like that during the day. It looks like all rain. No snow. At least none that sticks….

Im ready to push the go button on my spring bike order. Maybe later this week. Then its bike building full time for a few days…

I realized I have no picture with this post so I’ll throw in a random oldie but goodie.




920 Ready


It’s been a long time since I rode the 920. It’s been sitting on the sales floor for over  a month now. It’s had some attention with the addition of 29er fenders, then a new set of wheels causing the change back to the old fenders.

As soon as I get another bike up and running this guy will be set back to touring configuration. In about a month or so. Then, I will dream of all the cool bike tours that I probably won’t get to do this summer.

My main bucket list tour is around the big lake with a stop at Soo Saint Marie to watch ships go thru the locks. I would most likely want 15 days to do that and thats not happening in the summer. But a guy can dream.

As expected, rain and really wet snow has dashed my ride this morn and I knew that. We did get about a inch of crappy wet snow to screw up the roads. I hope its all gone for the group ride in the morning.

While we complain about the lack of winter, spring here is really the worst. If I had a month to get away it would be March 15th to April 15th. But really spring runs almost to June. Turns out this year we will have 5 months with 40 degrees days. January to May. When you think about it thats nuts.

Anyway, like I mentioned yesterday, the Farely EX will sit a spell now and its the 920 that will get out between the snow\rain days.

Again, hope to ride in the morn.


Last Time?

2017-03-16 08.35.09

As I walked the beach this morn at 18 degrees I can’t help think today would have been a great day for a beach ride. Looking at the 10 day, only one night shows below freezing and thats next Tuesday with a low of 21. Everything else is above.

This mornings beach looked like a prime riding beach. No waves so water line was low, sand froze solid. My first thought was to line a up beach ride in the morning but it looks to be in the 30’s for a low tonite. Not cold enough.

True, our bikes are fat tire bikes and we can ride the beach in the summer but its not the same. Frozen sand means you can pump up the tires and ride at 15 mph for miles.

Walking the beach this morn had me a bit sad as I may not get these conditions again this winter. Maybe. Maybe not.

I am going to try to hit our local park tomorrow morn for what might be the last ride on snow. Again, how ironic I go up to Hayward to ride on dirt, then get a snow ride in at home.

Tomorrow morn is a call for rain so I gatta play that by ear. Hitting the 40’s during the day for the next 3 or 4 days. Who knows? I might not get a beach or snow ride in this year anymore.

And that is kinda bittersweet. Its time for spring. Time to ride spring bikes. But such a crappy winter overall. Pretty much can count the snow rides on one hand. Beach rides too.

Today I continue the spring ritual of putting storage wax on all the rental ski’s. There’s 25 pair so it takes awhile. I have time to put the store in summer mode now…. the snow slowed things up a bit.

I won’t be able to post tomorrow as my accountant will be here to start to close the books on 2016 and then do my taxes. Always a stressful time to see what the final damage is.

I hope to get in a Saturday morning group ride. All on the road and all on the 920. It’s probably been a month since I rode that bike. It will now see more miles until I get my summer road bike figured out. With the spring weather swinging between summer and winter, cold and warm, one needs to be flexible with one’s ride time. Just take what you can get on whatever bike.

Have a good weekend. Get outside.