Short Ride Friday

I planned on heading out this morning and woke to rain, 34 degrees and 20mph winds.

In the past I would have bailed on this in a heartbeat but I took the 30 minutes to dress and got on the bike. With the wind it was cold. So I decided to stay in town and just explore.

Here’s the ride.

Even a short ride is better than no ride. Tomorrow looks like a much better day. and Sunday looks like ride material also. So Im at 3 hours for the week and with a much nicer weekend Im sure to get my 6 hours in. My weeks run from Monday to Sunday.

Once again I have no pic to show so I will have to go to the archives.


This pic was mid last December. Such a awesome snowfall had me thinking we were set for skiing the entire winter. I was pretty pumped.  One week later it was raining and gone. I was unpumped.

I remember after that snow selling out of most of my ski stuff, then reordering as fast as I could. I still have almost all of the reorder in store. After that all it did was rain.

But the crappy winter is behind us and now I can look forward to the crappy spring. I am really looking forward to not having to dress in 3 layers for 40 minutes to ride. When summer finally gets here, and its warm enough to ride in kit only, maybe sometime in late June, I can sleep an extra 30 minutes in the moring before I ride.

I’ve got about 20 more bikes built and on the floor right now. With about 10 more to go. But its moving along nicely.

Next week I start opening an hour earlier and stay open a hour later. Summer hours start April 1st. I’ll need to bring in help in the store to go on rides now in the morning.

That’s really about it for now. Got a lot of work to do so I better get going. Have a good weekend.


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