Long Ride Wednesday

It’s been years since I implemented long ride Wednesdays (LRW). Most likely back in 2014 was the last time. I see acually 2012. I was still at the old store then.

Today I had a nice morning ride with a guy thats retired and pretty much can ride anytime. We’ve rode a couple time a week now.  Mostly 20 mile rides before I open the store.

In the past I’ve rode pretty much solo in the morning before work but now as I get older riders I know are retired and can join me. So I’ve decided to bring LRW back. I’ll staff the store those mornings to allow time for a longer ride and will be much easier if Im not alone.

He’s a post from 2012.

So I guess its been that long.

Another from 2014.

That 2014 ride I can still remember. I used to go about 50 to 60 miles in then. I hope to do that and more this year. I think I can at least three people in to do it now. So Im hopeful this could turn out to be a “thing”.

I’ve also come to a conclusion. Next week I will subscribe to Nutrisystem for all my food. My biggest problem has always been available food and the amounts of it. I need someone to tell me when to eat and who much. It’s almost $400 a month but well worth it if I eat better and lose weight. And if you deduct the cost of my current food per month even better a decision. Anyway, in the next few days I will figure out what plan to use and will pull the trigger next week. I hope it helps.


Heres today’s picture taken a few weeks back.

Spring inventory is arriving daily and there is a ton to do. I will be here late tonite putting bikes together. Thinking at least 9pm.

Better get to it….


4 thoughts on “Long Ride Wednesday

  1. 3 more years until retirement! I’m still working an afternoon shift. All thru the 90’s Heather and I hosted a Wednesday Morning ride and had some great rides. This should be great to sit in on! I’ll be riding the same road bike from 1996 🙂

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