Rainy Weekend

This is the Saturday group ride.

So after last week getting jabbed a bit for bailing on a Saturday group ride this happens. I was the only one to show this week. Lame. It pretty much was just as wet as last Saturday. Maybe a couple degrees cooler. I sometimes get concerned that I might be getting soft but this pretty much confirms that I am not.

So I’ll make a point to mention this to the guys next time someone gives me shit about bailing on bad weather. Ive earned a pass now.

Its Sunday right now. Such a crappy day out I came to the store to get a head start on my ordering. I still have not brought in my spring shipments but I’ve waited long enough. My inventory will double in the next week. Bikes included. I’ll have 3 people working at least 2 shifts putting bikes together. I’ll need to build at least 30 this week and 30 more next week. Its go time. My favorite time of the year for ordering.

In the fall you have to be careful what you bring in but in spring you pretty much cant make a mistake in ordering. There really is no accidentally ordering too much, I mean within reason. Ive done double orders in the fall and thats a big mistake. I forget I’ve ordered something and ordered it twice. Im old and forget things. But this time of year thats not a problem, you have all summer to sell them.

So thats what Im doing here on a rainy Sunday. Im like a kid in a candy store. Or more like a bike guy in a bike store. These orders are so big I sometimes sneak a thing or two in for me. Perk of the bike store gig.

Its Monday now. The rest of the day yesterday was a washout and on the couch. I binged on a mini series on Netflix. A solid six hours worth. That’s more TV that I watch in a week!

Ongoing rain the last three day has the trails socked and out of the question for a long, long time. Ive heard some talk about maybe heading south for a few days this April. Not sure if I could afford the time off when it’s busy but would love to.

With the solo ride Saturday I put in about 6 hours in the saddle last week. Not to bad. I was feeling much better on hour six than on hour one. Just need to keep it going.

I am ready to start ordering all the parts for the BMC. Some things are out of stock so its not going to be cut and dry. Thats a bummer. It’s going to be a one part at a time kind of build.

I like that.


Wa da ya think?

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