Thursday 910am

This crappy picture is the US Joyce L Van Enkevort. The first ship I saw this spring sailing past. This ship is  a tug bolted to a barge. I saw this tug in Escanaba,MI when I drove home from Marquette late Feb. They had the tug disconnected from the barge which has its own name called Great Lakes Trader. Almost all tug and the barges they are bolted to have different names.

Here’s the same ship coming into port in Marquette in Aug 2015. Most of the time it hauls coal to smaller ports. Anyway, it seems the shipping season has started but its pretty slow until the Soo locks open up. Not sure when but soon.

Got in another 20 miles this morn. Twice now this week. I felt pretty good on the bike. Better anyway. Not that Im getting faster but a bit more comfortable. Tomorrow’s ride is in jeopardy as the weather dudes are calling for like 90% chance of rain. And mid 30’s for temps. Thats a bummer.

Another bummer is my BMC frame that came yesterday. I thought I was getting the red one and they sent me black. Yeah, another black bike. Only color available for demo.

Its not terrible but Im kinda tired of black bikes……

Another executive decision: It’s going Ultegra Di2. A nice bike like this needs hydro brakes. eTap hydro not available yet. Ultegra keeps the bike afordable later. Done and done. Ordering the parts starts Monday. Its still looking like ZIpp 404’s with a Zipp SL70 Aero handlebar.

Like Treks Madone, this has all wires and housing internal thru the headtube. It’s a very cool and clean look but quite a bit of work to assemble and set up correctly. Im sure it will look nice when done. It’s still March so I get to take my time to build it. I like that cuz I can make sure all the parts I want it on it and I dont have to substitute anything.

I hope I can ride in the morning… it looks like the next 4 days have rain in them. Have a good weekend.


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