BMC w\pics


So Monday I had a lot to say with no pics. Not today. Got some good shots this morn from the beach. It’s cold, like 20 degrees down from the near 40 at this time yesterday. In fact I did get a ride in yesterday. 20 miles before the store opened.

And like I mentioned yesterday Im getting the itch to ride a road bike. The 920 tour bike suffices early on but as more and more riders pull out their carbon road rockets and the rides get longer the 30+ pound bike get a little boring. Its time to get my summer road bike rolling. And thats just what I did.

Yesterday’s ride.

I havent said too much but Im bringing in a few BMC bikes. BMC is new(ish) to the States and they are allowing me to be a non stocking dealer. Which means I dont need to order 20k in bikes to sell them. In the past I’ve sold both Felt and Raleigh but their huge order requirements had me drop them. I like to sell another brand besides my main (Trek) but I can’t and won’t order 20k of bikes I dont want. So long story short, Im bringing 3 BMC road bikes in. Even tho BMC is not well known here they do have a huge Protour presence with the team based in the US.

So after a lot of thought I decided to ride a BMC Roadmachine 1. Im getting the red team frameset and going from there. One of the things I like to do is build my bikes. Its fun. originally I had my heart set on eTap but I just can’t get past not having hydro brakes. And since the eTap hydro won’t be out till later this summer its Di2. And thats not a bad second choice. To make the bike easier to sell later I’ll go with Ultegra. Like XT on the MTB Im always been a fan of one step off the top. It’s just as good to me and half the cost.

But one new twist this year is I hope to get my first set of Zipp wheels.I never rode a set. So Im thinking 404 Firecrest disk. I think that will look nice on that bike.


Anyway, I’ll talk more about the build when I get started. The frame is on the way and Im now getting all the parts documented. Should be a fun build.

So now we had something to talk about AND some pics. In fact here’s one more from this morn….


Im sure you will see a ton of the new bike in the next few weeks. In the back of my mind Im thinking 1 by 11. I’ll have to sleep on that a few more nights….


Wa da ya think?

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