Spring Weekend

Typical spring weeknd. I woke up Saturday not wanting to do the group ride. It was snowing\rain\wet out. Roads were wet. And it was 35 degrees so the chance of a potential bad ride was high. I even sent out a email to the guy saying I was out. Then after some peer pressure I agreed to go.

It was not just the wet conditions that held me back but also lack of sleep. It’s crazy how when you get old things you do everyday go to hell. Like sleep. I woke at 3am and that was about it for me. At the time that I was to get up and get ready for the ride I was trying to go back to sleep. But I most likely would not so I got up and rode my bike.

It was a nice ride. And I knew that if I went I would have a good ride. I have the best fenders out of the group and thats a plus for most of the other guys as I was getting spray from their fenderless rear wheels. How rude.

It was a bike ride I was not going to do and Im glad I did it. God knows I need the saddle time.

Sunday was a lazy day but I knew that going in. I had some of the grandkids for a sleepover and my wife had something going on so she was out. The kids put me thru my paces and I knew I was not going to ride the next morn. Then after all the excitement I just spent the rest of the day on the couch. I might have had a small nap shoved in there somewhere.

This morn is pretty nice out. Almost sunny and temps in the 40’s for the first day of spring. A ride this morn would have been nice but I had work to do.

All the normal spring thoughts are going thru my head.

What road bike am I going to ride?: The weather will be nice enough to ride good road bikes soon.  I have no idea. Well, I do have a few ideas but have no idea which idea I will or can go with.

I think Im going to ride to the store more often this summer: I always say that this time of year. I never do. I should.

I should start looking at where Im going to tour this summer: Like thats going to happen. The last few years I was looking to tour up to Marquette. Around the lake is my bucket list ride but will take too long. I’ll settle for another ride up to Door County. I’ve done that twice.

Im going to lose weight and get back on my 10 hour a week ride schedule: This is one that I should do also. 10 hours of saddle time is not that much and I do have some weeks that I do, but just a couple. Never consistently.

There’s more but I can’t think of them.

One week ago today we got near 10 inches of snow. It’s all gone. All of it. Looking at the 10 day I see some temps below freezing at night but nothing like that during the day. It looks like all rain. No snow. At least none that sticks….

Im ready to push the go button on my spring bike order. Maybe later this week. Then its bike building full time for a few days…

I realized I have no picture with this post so I’ll throw in a random oldie but goodie.




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