920 Ready


It’s been a long time since I rode the 920. It’s been sitting on the sales floor for over  a month now. It’s had some attention with the addition of 29er fenders, then a new set of wheels causing the change back to the old fenders.

As soon as I get another bike up and running this guy will be set back to touring configuration. In about a month or so. Then, I will dream of all the cool bike tours that I probably won’t get to do this summer.

My main bucket list tour is around the big lake with a stop at Soo Saint Marie to watch ships go thru the locks. I would most likely want 15 days to do that and thats not happening in the summer. But a guy can dream.

As expected, rain and really wet snow has dashed my ride this morn and I knew that. We did get about a inch of crappy wet snow to screw up the roads. I hope its all gone for the group ride in the morning.

While we complain about the lack of winter, spring here is really the worst. If I had a month to get away it would be March 15th to April 15th. But really spring runs almost to June. Turns out this year we will have 5 months with 40 degrees days. January to May. When you think about it thats nuts.

Anyway, like I mentioned yesterday, the Farely EX will sit a spell now and its the 920 that will get out between the snow\rain days.

Again, hope to ride in the morn.


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