Last Time?

2017-03-16 08.35.09

As I walked the beach this morn at 18 degrees I can’t help think today would have been a great day for a beach ride. Looking at the 10 day, only one night shows below freezing and thats next Tuesday with a low of 21. Everything else is above.

This mornings beach looked like a prime riding beach. No waves so water line was low, sand froze solid. My first thought was to line a up beach ride in the morning but it looks to be in the 30’s for a low tonite. Not cold enough.

True, our bikes are fat tire bikes and we can ride the beach in the summer but its not the same. Frozen sand means you can pump up the tires and ride at 15 mph for miles.

Walking the beach this morn had me a bit sad as I may not get these conditions again this winter. Maybe. Maybe not.

I am going to try to hit our local park tomorrow morn for what might be the last ride on snow. Again, how ironic I go up to Hayward to ride on dirt, then get a snow ride in at home.

Tomorrow morn is a call for rain so I gatta play that by ear. Hitting the 40’s during the day for the next 3 or 4 days. Who knows? I might not get a beach or snow ride in this year anymore.

And that is kinda bittersweet. Its time for spring. Time to ride spring bikes. But such a crappy winter overall. Pretty much can count the snow rides on one hand. Beach rides too.

Today I continue the spring ritual of putting storage wax on all the rental ski’s. There’s 25 pair so it takes awhile. I have time to put the store in summer mode now…. the snow slowed things up a bit.

I won’t be able to post tomorrow as my accountant will be here to start to close the books on 2016 and then do my taxes. Always a stressful time to see what the final damage is.

I hope to get in a Saturday morning group ride. All on the road and all on the 920. It’s probably been a month since I rode that bike. It will now see more miles until I get my summer road bike figured out. With the spring weather swinging between summer and winter, cold and warm, one needs to be flexible with one’s ride time. Just take what you can get on whatever bike.

Have a good weekend. Get outside.


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