Lake Snow Lots


We got close to 10 inches of snow Monday. Almost all lake snow. You could just see it coming in off the lake. The pic above is a squall that brought at least 2 of the 10 inches of snow in maybe a 45 minute time spam. It was snowing so hard you could not see.

This snow is unwanted. Im not going to groom the park. With no base underneath and rain coming on Friday this snow, which could have been the best of the year, is wasted.

Its hard for me to look at the snow and try to ignore it. But that is what I must do. This week the store changes into summer mode. All winter equipment goes upstairs. I still leave most of the cooler weather clothing out of course.


With the 2017 dirt Birkie done, Its time for me to clean up and I shaved for spring. Clean face for warmer temps. But really, its in the teens right now and it seems March might end up colder than Feb. March is only half over so we will see.

With melting snow and eventually muddy trails I put the Farely EX away for awhile. Most State trails close March 15th almost automatically until they dry out. The CAMBA trails up in Hayward are now closed too. Smart move. Remember that muddy ride last Thursday up there.

Soon my thought will turn towards my road\summer bike. As I type Im not sure what I want to do. Im thinking of eTap. But that would mean cable mechanical disc brakes. Hydro still not available till Fall. While thats not the end of the world it is a bummer for a big guy like me. I notice brake performance way before the skinny guys. So Im not sure of the driveline. Di2 would be hydro if i ran that but I really want to run eTap.

As for frame Im up in the air. If Trek updates it Boone cross bike I would do one of those. A cross bike would be easy to sell in Fall. If not then its maybe a Project 1 Domane SLR. But that might be too expensive and harder to sell.

I havent said too much about this but Im going to start stocking a couple BMC’s. Nothing crazy, maybe three road bikes on the floor. I might consider their new Roadmachine. But that would be a long shot for me. We’ll see.

So Im just waiting for the new snow to melt. The sun is pretty high now and even below freezing it melts a little. Rain and 40’s Friday will pretty much do it.

Today Im double checking my spring orders to make sure they ship on time and have what I need. Im also putting storage wax on the rental ski’s. They need to get in storage this week. Other than that its another day in the bike store.


Wa da ya think?

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