Hayward (day one)

I guess I have some time to type. Its Thursday nite and it too early to go to bed. The drive up here was uneventful and thats a good thing. I did stop and stretch out my back at least three times in the 5 and a 1\2 hour ride up here.

After we checked into the hotel we dressed for a ride and decided to ride from the Fish Hatchery trail head that was just a few miles from the hotel. These trails are the southern most part of CAMBA system.

We really did not know what to expect. Snow? Ice? Dirt? Nope. It was mud. Not a lick of snow or ice.

Not at first. We rode in about a mile before it started to get a little greasy. Then it was a lot greasy and we did the right thing and turned around. Who would of thought we would have a muddy ride up here at this time of year. Its been warm for sure. Even the bike race has been rerouted to 10k laps. The ski trails are pure ice.

But…. crazy as it sounds. Being about 31 degrees today its going to get down to -3 tonite. We wont pre ride the course until noon tomorrow hoping it will get into the double digits for temps.

Not sure how much I will ride tomorrow. I might want to save something for the race, but really could not care less how I do. Im sure I would see any more mud this weekend. Originally I was concerned with carrying all the extra weight of the EX full suspension but its totally the bike to have with the lack of snow. Pretty much summer riding.

I doubt I will post tomorrow (Friday). Maybe I will. Time will tell.


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