Today is the last day in the store for me. I leave for Hayward tomorrow at first light.

Nice visit to the park this morning. Huge winds made me ascared to go into the woods as trees fell overnight pretty much everywhere. Getting whacked by a falling tree would not surprise me with my luck. The sun was out and it a good moring for a walk.

And I needed to walk. My back is still jacked and is really bad when I get out of bed. But as the day go’s on gets better. I didnt even notice it last nite. But then I do the 20 minute drive to the park its painful. When I get to the park and start walking its better in 10 minutes. The get in the car to drive to the store and its jacked again. What the hell? I can sit in my office chair all day. But 20 minutes in a car and my back hurts to the point of tears. Its going to be a long drive to Hayward tomorrow. I will need to stop many times to stretch out.

On to Hayward.

I have not been to a lot of places in my life but my two favorites right now is Marquette,MI and Hayward,WI. At my age I think of some form of retirement and moving to one of those two places. While Marquette is a cool town in the back of my mind its Hayward that I could spend the rest of my life in. Quiet, northwoods, skiing and bike riding heaven.

In my mind they have the best MTB trails. Do the best job at grooming them in winter and the skiing up there goes without saying. Just a huge playground. I have in fact been keeping an eye on properties for sale up there. The places I can afford are usually sold within days. Anyway, more on that later.

I am of course heading up to the Fat Bike Birkie. I’ve done every one of these since inception. The first one was 2013. It started and ended at the now closed Telemark Resort. That weekend, for the race in 2013, was the last weekend the place was open and we stayed there. We left Sunday and it closed for good Monday.

Read about it here.

So its the Fatbike Birkie that I go up for but not really. At my fitness level Im not that excited to do the race. But I will. I’ll consider it a group ride this year. But the race is only a little over an hour in a 4 day weekend up there. Really its the trails I come up for. The CAMBA trails are as good as it gets. Summer or winter.


I remember the first race in 2013. I was amazed to see 300 fat bike in one place. It was surreal. Fast forward to present day and now its over 1000 bikes. As far as I know its the biggest in the world. It’s a blast to roll out with all those bikes. This year I will start out in the back. Again, in no shape to race. But I can still have a good time.

I hope to be up there near noon tomorrow, check into the hotel and hit the trails for a short ride. It was 50 degrees and rain there Monday, but now will stay below freezing thru the weekend. In fact there is a chance of single digits Saturday morn. Im not so sure of the trail conditions there right now. And I dont mean the ski trail for the race but the real trails. I sure hope they are not too icy. If I had studs I for sure would have them with me but I dont so Im not.

Im sure with the thaw on Monday there will be ice. But how much ice is the question. Almost two weeks age I left for Marquette with trails condition in question and has a great ride. So you can never assume.

Which reminds me, Sunday Feb 26th was the last time I rode a bike. Cripes. I just have to remind myself to ride within myself. Dont over do it if I want to ride until I leave Sunday.

So I better get going. I have a lot to do today. Work ahead with the ordering. Line up the store help. Get my bike ready. Ive went thru a few bikes that are headed up there but my bike is always that last one. And even if the riding is crappy I’ll be happy just to be up there.

I’ll have a laptop with me up there so I might post once from the Northwoods. See how much time I have. Talk then.


Wa da ya think?

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