SNOW! (gone)


This pic is from Thursday. I touched it up a bit and I like it. So I’ll post it twice. I enjoyed the snow. Made for one more ski and a few pictures. It was nice to get one last snow that covered the trees. I know I’ve said different of late, but this is the stuff that reminds me of why I live here. Just need more of it.

But what a strange weekend.

Friday morn as planned I got in a ski. Very enjoyable. The trees full of snow. Most likely my last ski of the winter. And thats OK. It really is time to move on.

Over the last week I had a bit of a sore back. Not terrible but just enough discomfort to notice. Saturday I woke to huge pain. Way worse. I wasn’t sure if I was going to ride or ski but both were out. I limped around the store Saturday. Saturday nite I slept maybe 3 hours in pain.

Sunday I couldn’t even get out of bed. Pain was bringing me to tears. It took me an hour to get my clothes on. It was bad enough for me to go to the walk in clinic. And I never do that stuff unless Im near death. Or in crazy pain.

Long story short I was glad to hear it was a muscle issue and not a disk problem with my back. So the doc gave me some muscle relaxers and sent me home. I just started taking them. The pain is way worse if I sit for any length of time. At home yesterday I got up and walked around every 20 minutes. I will today at the store also.

20170306_090143I leave for Hayward in three days. Im hoping for the best here.

This morn I felt a little better, but still moving slow. I walked around the house for a bit, felt pretty
good and drove to the park. By the time I got there I had to get out of the car in pain. I just can’t sit long at all. Its a 5 and a half hour drive to Hayward. Yikes.

Once again, but kinda expected, all the snow is almost gone. Yesterday it was still a bit skiable, Today just some remnants of the trail I groomed Thursday. And some fossil footprints that I thought was kinda cool.


Compare this pic from this morn to the ones I took grooming Thursday. Its crazy. I was thinking the other day on how the huge swing in temps\climate is kinda scary. Huge temps swings of 50 degrees back and forth. Just very strange. As we speak, its 50 degrees and raining in Hayward. Looking at Birkie race day temp is could be in the single digits.

Hopefully I get my back straightened out (literally) and can leave Thursday morn as expected. The absolute last hurrah of winter for me. The Fat Bike Birkie always signals the end of winter for me. Or the beginning of spring. More on that later.

I better get going, I have 5 days of work to do and only 3 days to do it.


Wa da ya think?

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