So this bipolar winter continues. Tuesday we had thunderstorms. Pretty hard rain. Lightning, thunder. Yesterday it was a drizzle when I got up, then around 9am it starts snowing like crazy. And didnt stop until we had at least 8 inches on the ground. Over the top of the mud.

And what turned out to be the best snow of the year. Trees white and suns out this morn. But with the impending temps in the 50’s just a few days away I decided not to groom. Until I got out and saw the woods. If this is the last groom and ski of the year so be it. At least it went out with a bang.

The trails groomed up pretty nice considering there was no base left. Tomorrow I’ll grab the ski’s and put a lap in. Just a week or so ago it was in the 60’s. So if I get in just one lap before it melts I will consider it a bonus lap.


In reality this stuff is going to melt next week and things will be a muddy mess. My basement is already on the verge of disaster with two sump pumps going wide open to keep up. I can only imagine when this melts.

But as of today its off the fat bike for a few days and back on the ski’s. Looking at the forecast this will for sure last the weekend. So all I can say is get outside.

I might not post tomorrow, depending on how long I ski. Im not sure whats going to happen Saturday morn yet. Depends on how the roads are. Or how the trails are too. Time will tell.


Wa da ya think?

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