Monthly Archives: March 2017

Short Ride Friday

I planned on heading out this morning and woke to rain, 34 degrees and 20mph winds.

In the past I would have bailed on this in a heartbeat but I took the 30 minutes to dress and got on the bike. With the wind it was cold. So I decided to stay in town and just explore.

Here’s the ride.

Even a short ride is better than no ride. Tomorrow looks like a much better day. and Sunday looks like ride material also. So Im at 3 hours for the week and with a much nicer weekend Im sure to get my 6 hours in. My weeks run from Monday to Sunday.

Once again I have no pic to show so I will have to go to the archives.


This pic was mid last December. Such a awesome snowfall had me thinking we were set for skiing the entire winter. I was pretty pumped.  One week later it was raining and gone. I was unpumped.

I remember after that snow selling out of most of my ski stuff, then reordering as fast as I could. I still have almost all of the reorder in store. After that all it did was rain.

But the crappy winter is behind us and now I can look forward to the crappy spring. I am really looking forward to not having to dress in 3 layers for 40 minutes to ride. When summer finally gets here, and its warm enough to ride in kit only, maybe sometime in late June, I can sleep an extra 30 minutes in the moring before I ride.

I’ve got about 20 more bikes built and on the floor right now. With about 10 more to go. But its moving along nicely.

Next week I start opening an hour earlier and stay open a hour later. Summer hours start April 1st. I’ll need to bring in help in the store to go on rides now in the morning.

That’s really about it for now. Got a lot of work to do so I better get going. Have a good weekend.


Long Ride Wednesday

It’s been years since I implemented long ride Wednesdays (LRW). Most likely back in 2014 was the last time. I see acually 2012. I was still at the old store then.

Today I had a nice morning ride with a guy thats retired and pretty much can ride anytime. We’ve rode a couple time a week now.  Mostly 20 mile rides before I open the store.

In the past I’ve rode pretty much solo in the morning before work but now as I get older riders I know are retired and can join me. So I’ve decided to bring LRW back. I’ll staff the store those mornings to allow time for a longer ride and will be much easier if Im not alone.

He’s a post from 2012.

So I guess its been that long.

Another from 2014.

That 2014 ride I can still remember. I used to go about 50 to 60 miles in then. I hope to do that and more this year. I think I can at least three people in to do it now. So Im hopeful this could turn out to be a “thing”.

I’ve also come to a conclusion. Next week I will subscribe to Nutrisystem for all my food. My biggest problem has always been available food and the amounts of it. I need someone to tell me when to eat and who much. It’s almost $400 a month but well worth it if I eat better and lose weight. And if you deduct the cost of my current food per month even better a decision. Anyway, in the next few days I will figure out what plan to use and will pull the trigger next week. I hope it helps.


Heres today’s picture taken a few weeks back.

Spring inventory is arriving daily and there is a ton to do. I will be here late tonite putting bikes together. Thinking at least 9pm.

Better get to it….


Rainy Weekend

This is the Saturday group ride.

So after last week getting jabbed a bit for bailing on a Saturday group ride this happens. I was the only one to show this week. Lame. It pretty much was just as wet as last Saturday. Maybe a couple degrees cooler. I sometimes get concerned that I might be getting soft but this pretty much confirms that I am not.

So I’ll make a point to mention this to the guys next time someone gives me shit about bailing on bad weather. Ive earned a pass now.

Its Sunday right now. Such a crappy day out I came to the store to get a head start on my ordering. I still have not brought in my spring shipments but I’ve waited long enough. My inventory will double in the next week. Bikes included. I’ll have 3 people working at least 2 shifts putting bikes together. I’ll need to build at least 30 this week and 30 more next week. Its go time. My favorite time of the year for ordering.

In the fall you have to be careful what you bring in but in spring you pretty much cant make a mistake in ordering. There really is no accidentally ordering too much, I mean within reason. Ive done double orders in the fall and thats a big mistake. I forget I’ve ordered something and ordered it twice. Im old and forget things. But this time of year thats not a problem, you have all summer to sell them.

So thats what Im doing here on a rainy Sunday. Im like a kid in a candy store. Or more like a bike guy in a bike store. These orders are so big I sometimes sneak a thing or two in for me. Perk of the bike store gig.

Its Monday now. The rest of the day yesterday was a washout and on the couch. I binged on a mini series on Netflix. A solid six hours worth. That’s more TV that I watch in a week!

Ongoing rain the last three day has the trails socked and out of the question for a long, long time. Ive heard some talk about maybe heading south for a few days this April. Not sure if I could afford the time off when it’s busy but would love to.

With the solo ride Saturday I put in about 6 hours in the saddle last week. Not to bad. I was feeling much better on hour six than on hour one. Just need to keep it going.

I am ready to start ordering all the parts for the BMC. Some things are out of stock so its not going to be cut and dry. Thats a bummer. It’s going to be a one part at a time kind of build.

I like that.



Thursday 910am

This crappy picture is the US Joyce L Van Enkevort. The first ship I saw this spring sailing past. This ship is  a tug bolted to a barge. I saw this tug in Escanaba,MI when I drove home from Marquette late Feb. They had the tug disconnected from the barge which has its own name called Great Lakes Trader. Almost all tug and the barges they are bolted to have different names.

Here’s the same ship coming into port in Marquette in Aug 2015. Most of the time it hauls coal to smaller ports. Anyway, it seems the shipping season has started but its pretty slow until the Soo locks open up. Not sure when but soon.

Got in another 20 miles this morn. Twice now this week. I felt pretty good on the bike. Better anyway. Not that Im getting faster but a bit more comfortable. Tomorrow’s ride is in jeopardy as the weather dudes are calling for like 90% chance of rain. And mid 30’s for temps. Thats a bummer.

Another bummer is my BMC frame that came yesterday. I thought I was getting the red one and they sent me black. Yeah, another black bike. Only color available for demo.

Its not terrible but Im kinda tired of black bikes……

Another executive decision: It’s going Ultegra Di2. A nice bike like this needs hydro brakes. eTap hydro not available yet. Ultegra keeps the bike afordable later. Done and done. Ordering the parts starts Monday. Its still looking like ZIpp 404’s with a Zipp SL70 Aero handlebar.

Like Treks Madone, this has all wires and housing internal thru the headtube. It’s a very cool and clean look but quite a bit of work to assemble and set up correctly. Im sure it will look nice when done. It’s still March so I get to take my time to build it. I like that cuz I can make sure all the parts I want it on it and I dont have to substitute anything.

I hope I can ride in the morning… it looks like the next 4 days have rain in them. Have a good weekend.