Angry Lake\Weekend


Angry lake today. Huge surf rolling in.  A couple inches of wet snow last nite but its raining now. A combo of snow and rain on and off for the next 30 hours or so.  I have road tires on the 920 now. And skinny fenders. Im not taking them off to put the 40c tires back on even tho they would be good for the crappy roads we are going to have in the morning. But Im tired of switching parts around for just one ride. Besides, I have service bikes I can work on now. So my days are busier now. Always a good thing.

I’ll maybe try something with the fatbike. Maybe a quick beach ride or something. But if the surf is up like this morn thats not going to be possible. I’ll figure something out.

So on Marquette. I have not talked to anyone up there yet but it seems they are not getting the 9 to 10 inches predicted. I think. If its half of that we should be in good shape. If the groomer is out even as late as Sunday morn we should be OK. So far its game on. But I won’t go unless I at least talk to someone tomorrow. If I can’t get ahold of my usuals even a call to a local shop is better than nothing.


Here’s a Birkie trail cam pic just a few minutes ago. So far just a dusting covering the ice. While I think they have more snow coming it appears that they will not have the time to work it up. I hope for the best. I hear they will make the official call at noon today which is in two hours. I can’t see anything good.

So the plan is to leave early Sunday morn, head up to Marquette for a afternoon ride, the hit the local scene and grab another ride Monday morn. Have some lunch and head home. I have the store covered on Monday. Originally we were going Sat\Sun but bumped it off one day to let the guys up there work on the new snow.

It’s going to be a quick trip so I will not bring any computer to post with. So my next post will be Tuesday I guess with the U.P. report. It’s going to be a crappy weather weekend here but get outside anyway. And good luck to the Birkie, hoping they can come up with something.

Have a good weekend.


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