Pending Again.

Wednesday morn

No ride Wednesday morn. Just too foggy. My next shot is tomorrow (Friday) morn but it looks like rain so will have to play that one by ear. I hope to get a few miles in anyway. Saturdays group ride looks to have both rain and snow. I guess spring is done for awhile. Good thing I have fenders back on the 920.


9am today

It’s still kinda warm out. In fact yesterday the weather dudes said it was 70 degrees here but not by me along the lake. Maybe 60. Which is still nuts. Today it was 40 degrees when I got up but its acually going down all day.

And while it will get above freezing a bit during the day it will be below freezing at nite and that gives me hope for some moring beach rides ongoing for awhile.

So as I would expect, the Marquette trip is in jeopardy. Why would this trip be any different than the others?  So the NWS is calling for about 9 inches of snow to start Friday morn to Saturday afternoon. Talking with the guys we have now pushed our departure off until Sunday looking to ride Sun\Mon. Talking with the dudes up in Marquette it seems pretty slim they will get the trails groomed in time to use them Sunday. It will be cold enough but most of the base is gone and they pretty much have to start over. So they said come on up but no guarantee the trail will be set up by Sunday afternoon.

So here I am today and tomorrow checking the weather every 20 minutes. Once again its maybe a 50\50 chance of going\canceling. If its a cancel, that will be it for the winter for Marquette. With the bike Birkie coming up the first weekend in March. First winter in 5 years that I would not have gotten a weekend in Marquette.

All my skiing friends are up in Hayward for the ski Birkie. Right now they are most likely staring out their hotel window waiting for that snow to hit. The same snow that will hit Marquette. It’s going to hit Friday there also, and the ski race is Saturday. Everyone is just waiting to see what happenes there. Me included.

I’ll know more about this weekend tomorrow.


Wa da ya think?

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