I did not plan on posting today.As I type its heading tword 60 degrees again today and tomorrow too. The time I spent in the park this morn was on my fav bench in short sleeves. The sun was out and that helped.

I just sat there and watched this balloon in the lake. Im pretty sure it was tied to a string that was holding it on the water. Wondering if it came all the way across the lake to get here? Probably not. But whoever owns this balloon sure has no idea it ended up in the lake.

Staring at it made me think about stuff so my visit was a bit longer than usual. This was the second time I sat on my summer bench this week. How cool it would be to just wander around like that balloon.

Even when I say Im letting winter go in the back of my mind I always wish it wasn’t so. But looking at the 10 day has temps barely below freezing. It will snow and it will get crappy out but winter is over. Even if we get enough snow to groom the trails I most likely won’t as it will melt toimg_0437o quickly and nobody would care anyway. Im ready to turn my keys to the parks groomer shed back in. It’s really over. I groomed 3 times and skied three times.

I have all my spring orders set to ship in the middle of March but I might call and get a few in early. At least the stuff I get longer billing terms. You can get in trouble pulling in too much too soon before it starts selling. But foot traffic is way up already and not that its a bad thing with the crappy winter we just had. The sooner the better now.

Next week when I get back from Marquette the ski and winter stuff will go upstairs and the main floor sales area will go full on spring mode. Anyway, thats next week stuff.

Still keeping my eye on the weather for Marquette next weekend. Could be a lot of snow. Too much snow. Too deep to ride if ungroomed. Too soft to ride if not set up. The temps seem cold enough tho… so if it’s wet snow it will freeze pretty good over nite. Hope things work out there.

Might get a quick road ride in tomorrow morn. Its the only morning I have open this week with the impending weekend away.


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