Summer in Feb.

Sunday. Summer in February.

Somedays I just feel like writing a lot and today is one of them. I have a ton of pics to share also.

Saturday morn was the group ride and as one would expect on a near 60 degree day in February the boys of summer showed up. We had 25 bikes. Road bikes, cross bikes, tour bikes and mountain bikes. I mentioned that to the guys with road bikes and they kept it tame for the most part. I was feeling much better than last Saturday and only got dropped a couple times in the usual places. One of the nice things about a bigger group is the fact that I was always with someone. Not that they were as slow as me but fell back to help. There are more people willing to do that in a bigger group. Overall a good hard ride for me. I finished with the group so thats a thing.

Large group Saturday.

Im not sure I stayed in the game longer due to the tweeks I made on the 920 (first in line in the pic) or the fact that I acually ate and drank something before that ride. Or maybe throw in a calmer ride and it all added up to fun ride that was the third day in a row that I rode a bike.

When you checked my last post I had a great frozen beach ride on Thursday. Two days later it was sunny and 60 degrees on Saturday. Sunny and over 50 on Sunday. Ongoing in the 50’s all this week until Friday when its first going to drop under freezing then.

Sunday I did not ride. I took the 920 home with me on the roof of my car but didnt touch it and thats fine as I was a little sore still from the Saturday ride. Instead I drove out to the park to hang out on the beach.

I rarely post a pic of myself but what the hell. Short sleeves on the beach in February. Crazy weather. It’s not hard to wish away winter when the temps hit 60. This little hawk that I have yet to identify was thinking the same thing as I walked past. There was a million people out. How nice would it be if it stayed this way. It’s not.

After the beach visit Sunday I went home and just hung outside. Im sure everyone’s mentality was this was the first day of spring. The Sandhill Cranes came back this weekend. Very early for them. Spring birds like Robins are here but I dont think those ever left this winter.

With all the sun everyone was in a good mood too this weekend. Me included. As I look at the National Weather Service information those smiles might turn into frowns next Friday. Nobody is calling it out yet but a major snow event is possibly on its way. The weather dudes are waiting to see what direction it will go. I will keep an eye on that for sure.

I am in fact leaving for Marquette this Friday or Saturday. Its nuts to have cancelled two trips up north due to warm weather\lack of snow only to have one cancel due to too much snow but that just could be the case. Such a crazy winter.

One last note about the weather. The Birkie up in Hayward is this coming Saturday and they are going thru such a meltdown right now. Almost 60 tomorrow.


I sure hope the trails survive. Rain on Wednesday. Then below freezing Thursday nite with chance of snow Friday (like I mentioned earlier). So there is hope. I have a few skis to wax up for people heading up that way.

So thats about it for now. It was hard to have a crappy weekend with the weather. It was nice even if you didnt do anything. Almost all the snow is gone except for the piles the snow plows made. If it would stay dry we could ride on dirt but thats not going to happen.

With my pending trip this weekend my work week is shorter and even during the slow times that keeps me busy here in store.


Wa da ya think?

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