Beach Mornings.

Fav bench in park. Wednesday morn.

With the warmer temps I’ve spent more time in the park in the morning. I acually got to sit on my fav bench with my coffee for the first time since last Fall. It felt good. Sun was out. This was Wednesday.

Thursday Morn.

Things got a smidge cooler Wednesday night into Thursday so a beach ride seemed the thing to do. I’ve been saying things like this might be the last one of the winter, and if you look at the 10 day here almost every day in the 40’s or even 50 degrees. So it would not be hard to think that. At least I am. The beach is in good shape right now. The warmer temps melt all the ice. The sun melts the ice on the sand even faster. Then at night it freezes and is fast to ride on. Lots of fun too.

But its only mid February and if something is true here its that the winter weather is unpredictable. We could have many mornings with a ridable beach. Many. So while this may be the last one in a while its for sure not the last one of the winter. But if it is thats fine by me. As my last post mentioned, Im moving on. But I would not complain about a couple more rides on the beach.

Which leaves us to this morn. Temps already over the freezing mark at 7am has me on a road ride for the second ride day in a row. Throw in Saturday and Sunday and Im looking at four rides days in a row. A first since December.

Before I rode today I stripped down the 920 into road bike configuration. Again, like its going to matter for the ride tomorrow. However I do think the tire switch from the 40c gravel to the 32c road helped a bit today. It felt faster. I ran 110 pounds of pressure so it rode pretty damn rough.

Before the Friday morn ride.

I also put the touring stem back on. Shorter and higher to help with my neck shoulders. Just looking at that stem is depressing. But needed. At this point I will leave the changes this week alone as this is all part of the tour configuration anyway.

It was a nice 20 miles today and I felt much better than last Saturday’s road ride but thats not that hard to do based on how miserable I was then. I didnt eat again before this ride but then again I was not pushing so hard so i was OK with it. I hope to do this more as it helps with my weight loss.

So I hope tomorrow’s ride goes a bit nicer and I plan on eating and drinking before the ride so Im sure I’ll be fine riding a bit harder than usual. You have to do that too once in awhile.

Have a good weekend. Get outside.


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