Winter Game Over.


That’s it. Im pulling the plug on this winter. In three days its going to be near May temps. And hold that way almost to the 25th. And really, after than nobody cares about winter anymore. So this week Im arranging the store for spring\summer. All remaining ski\snowshoe stuff will still be out but upstairs.

Im putting together my spring bike order set to deliver the first week of March. Almost a month early than other years.

Every year there was always the few weeks every spring where I try to hold on to winter as long as I can. Do I want a longer winter or a early spring? I’ve always said March skiing is the best. I remember skiing in short sleeves a few times. Very fun.

Maybe its cuz Im getting older or something but as I sit here today I wish the snow away. Or what’s left of it anyway. I skied three times this winter and I have no problem putting storage wax on my ski’s today (but I won’t quite yet).

When Im daydreaming its no longer about fat bikes but of road bikes and mountain bikes. But I do need to put the brakes on a bit…

I am heading up to Marquette over the weekend of the 25th\26th. Set in stone. Hotel reservations made. I’ll go alone if I have to. Then of course there’s the Fat Bike Birkie just two weeks later. Its crazy how I had all these plan this winter to head up to those places to ride and it comes down to these two trip just two weeks apart and the absolute tail end of the winter riding season. Usually my swing into spring does not start until I get back from the Birkie which would be March 13th. Again, a month from now.

This Thursday morn looks to be in the lower 20’s so I will try and get in a beach ride on the Farely. Who knows…..  might be the last one of this crappy winter. Friday and Saturday look like road rides. Another ride like last Saturday?? Yikes.

I’ve been doing this bike store thing now 9 years and this year has been the absolute worst as far as skiing. And its not even close. Here in town the skiing was up and running about 9 days this winter. If you travel 15 miles west the skiing was a lot better if you skate, but for classic its been a bust there too.

So I do have a couple shots at winter riding yet and will be happy to take them but its warmer weather riding Im looking for now.

And I do realize it will snow again. Hell, its snowed in April a ton. Lets just keep that to a minimum this spring.


Wa da ya think?

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