Beat Down

Saturday’s morning group ride was a eye opener. And in ways a perfect storm that ended pretty much in failure for me. I have a lot to think about in the next few days.

845am. My summer bench. Excuse the lens glare.

So with the warmer temps I called out a road ride. No biggie. There were quite a few MTB’s in the group to give me hope that I could hang. I had the 920 with the new Kenda 40c tires on. About 15 of us took off and it was all good for the first 10 miles or so but then I fell off the group. They waited and I fell off again. And they waited and I fell off again.

So then I just turned off and took an alternative route to the restaurant. I solo’d around a bit and got there less than 10 minutes before they did even with the short cut.

After a bowl of oatmeal we headed back and the scenario played out again. I ended up once again soloing in the last 5 miles. I was riding less than 10mph.  I was beat down. Beat up. Everything hurt and I was very disappointed. I hurt so bad I knew there was no way I could ride Sunday. That bad. Arms, neck, shoulder and legs.

How did this happen?

First off, the ride was attended by a couple of faster guys. They dont do every ride but when they are both there, the average MPH is way up. Just when we got out of town the group was already holding a sustained 20 to 22 mph. Its first the middle of February for cryin out loud. I hung in there as long as I could but my gas tank was emptying quickly. While I was first to fall off, I was not the only one suffering.

So that was the fastest ride I did since last August Im sure.

Second off, Im in weight loss mode. So I started the ride without eating anything before. Its how I lose weight. So when the ride became much harder than expected, I was done before I started. I also did not drink anything before the ride too. And that was not weight


loss, that was just stupid. I was super dehydrated and sick the rest of the day.

Which leads me to Thirdly. Not drinking was stupid enough in itself but it compounded when the temps soared to 40 degrees and I was dressed for 20. I was way overheated. Sweat running in my eyes. And again, I was probably dehydrated before I even started. Yikes.

Fourthly, this was the first time on the 920 in a month. And the last time I rode I kinda complained about the fit. But with the trails back in the woods I completely forgot about it. Which explains why everything hurt just a bit more than usual. As the pic to the left shows, I was so frustrated the second I got back Saturday I took off the 40c gravel\winter tire and put on some lightweight, higher pressure 32c road tires. Like that was the problem. Maybe in my head.

Lastly, what the hell do I expect at my current weight? Every year I slowly gain weight all winter and have a eye opening wake up call ride every spring. That’s usually late March or in April. Maybe the crappy winter is a blessing now that I had that ride already in mid February and give me motivation.

It’s not just motivation to improve but more like fear of not being about to ride socially or otherwise. So… lessons learned.. or in my case, relearned. And a perfect storm for failure Saturday.   And thats all I have to say about that.

Sunday was a day where I had nothing planned. Nothing to do. It’s been a long time since I went to bed not knowing what I was going to do the next morning. I knew I wasn’t going to ride and I woke up to some rain anyway. And a ton of wind. Like a spring day in April.

So what do I do when I have nothing to do? I go to the store and do paperwork. But as I was doing work that I wish I could I could pay an account to do I could not help thinking about Saturday morn. So I just starting looking around for something.

Something I have not used in a long time and am not even sure where it is. Is it even still here in the store. Maybe in storage? Took me awhile but I found it.


There that damn thing is, hiding there in a corner. I spose I need to start talking nice about it in case I need to use it. God I hope not. Temps near 40 all week and near 50 next weekend. It will be road riding this week for sure if anything. But there is a small chance if you ride the woods early you could hit the freeze\thaw cycle if it gets cold enough at nite. I’ll keep my eye on that for sure.


Wa da ya think?

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