Sun on Thursday

As expected the day after we had 40’s and rain it dropped to single digits in a matter of hours. Was 5 degrees when I took the abouve pic Thursday morn. I did not stay on the beach very long.

Today its moderate in the 20’s but we are looking at 40’s again for this Saturday and Sunday. Whatever.

In the past I was never big on studs or studded fat bike tires. Sure… they helped when it was icy but in years past that was maybe 3 or 4 days out of the entire year. To me not worth the cost off a little over $200 per tire.

This year its different. All the rain, thawing and then a sharp drop in temps has ice everywhere. And not just a day or so, Im mean its been this way all winter. Ive sold\built more studded wheelsets this winter than the last three combined. But I still dont have any myself.

One of the nice things now is the custom studdable tires. Instead of buying a complete studded tire you can buy the tire, which cost pretty much the same as a non studded tire and get some studs and a tool and do it yourself. Maybe not putting quite so many on as a stock tire. Generally the tires are a bit heavier with a thicker casing but the studs weigh next to nothing.

This morn.

That said I did get out for a ride this morn. If you look at the trail about 10 feet in front of my bike you can see the ice in the trail. The guys with studs were ranting about their traction. I have no studs and didnt slip once. Not once. But I for sure had watch what I was doing. Im sure with some studs I could have rode a bit more reckless. But I just paid a little more attention.  So I’ll save the $400 and use that for a weekend riding up north.

But where there was no ice the trails were concrete hard. I could have run way more tire pressure. I could have run a cross bike (with studded tires).

Let’s talk about tire pressure. Just a few years ago everyone was obsessed with tire pressure. Some still are. I remember all the riders meeting by someone’s car in the parking lot and having a 10 minute meeting before each ride on what tire pressure they were running. Some ran 5.5 psi and he was nuts cuz you really needed 4.8. It was pretty crazy. I can’t remember the last time I put a air gauge to my tires. Now I just jump on it and if it squashes a little Im good to go. What’s the pressure? I have no idea. Don’t care. If it squished too much I’ll put some in.

But how many of you have this guy in your group: We take off and start riding. About 10 minutes in this guy says his bike is “all over the place”. He stops to let out some air to the tune of a 5 count which is less than a pound. Rides it about 30 yards and exclaims it is  night and day” better. If there was a change no way could he even know this in 30 yards. But whatever.

Tomorrow Im doing the normal breakfast group ride. It’s going to be too warm for the woods and I could use some sort of road miles anyway. So its a road ride tomorrow morn.

Not sure about Sunday. Again at or near 40 degrees so most likely will have to stay off trails or hit them up really early if they freeze overnight.

Get outside this weekend.


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