Alternitive Winter


So here we are again. Rain, fog and just basicly the crappiest it can be outside. I was going to try and hit the trails first thing today but the rain beat me to it. Im not going to spend an entire post complaining about it. Because I can just reference one that I already did.

Click here.

And once again after it gets warm and rains it will get cold again. The rain is supposed to last until tonite, then temps drop like a rock to about 17 by daybreak. More ice than snow again.  There gets to be a time where I just throw in the towel, switch the store into summer mode and pray for early spring. But feeling that way on February 7th is some sort of record.

It’s just very frustrating to put in all the hours grooming the ski trails only to have them gone in less than a week. This is the third time this year. Last groom lasted 6 days. This one lasted 5. Like I said in the post I referenced, soon we could get some great trails and no one will care. The way things are going that will be sooner than any other year.

For me, that point in time is always after I return from the Fat Bike Birkie up in Cable, WI. in early March. At that point I put all my demo fat bike stuff for sale, put in my first spring order of bikes and cut off my winter beard that I have been growing since November 1st, and pray for spring. I start planning and building my road bike for the summer. But thats about 6 weeks away yet. No way I can wait that long under this weather. The storage wax will be on the rental ski’s long before that.

This is nothing I can change so one just has to bear it and hope for the best. But sometimes Im just no good at that.


Wa da ya think?

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