Good Weekend



The weekend started off right. Once again ditched the Saturday group ride for the woods.  A nice hour ride in our local city park before work.  Conditions way better than last Saturday. Maybe a inch and a half of snow fell throughout the week and covered up the ice nicely. Just one of those rides  where it was nice and quiet and you didnt mind stopping every now and then to take it all in. I hope these condition stick around awhile. I could stop here a couple times before work during the week. Fat bike stays on top my car this week. Ready to go.

Sunday my weekend riding pattern continues as I headed out to our State trails called Greenbush. I think I’ve been there 3 Sundays in a row now. And as in Saturday the trails were in better condition than the week before. Again its the game on mentality here. When the snow trails are in such good shape priorities have me on them until they are gone. And while I have yet to travel to a trail system far, far away I do have plans so finish this winter out with a bang. More on that later.

So the weather dudes called for a dusting Saturday nite. We got nothing. Next system is Tues\Weds. And in true  low pressure system format its almost all been changed to rain. Im almost getting used to it. Low pressure rolls in, temps jump 20 degrees, it rains, then goes back to single digits the next day. Disappointing and sad.

I am going to leave the bike on the car tonite and head out to Greenbush first thing in the morning before the rain comes. Hopefully the trails out there survive. It’s hit and miss right now.


All the warmer weather has the beach coming back. The ice chunks are going away little by little and is a bit of a silver lining on the warm temps this winter. Depending on the rain this week the beach might just be the place to be again.


This is from last week. I saw this ship sail past but for got to look at the radar to see who it was. Pretty sure it was Canadian. But I can tell you it pretty much was the last ship to pass. They are all now down until mid March. Not one ship on Superior or Michigan today. So it game off for now.

So thats about it for this weekend. Besides watching a football game that was very entertaining. I’ll be back Wednesday with a rain report.


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