The Show

just this one pic yesterday

I had not planned on posting today. I went out to try and groom the ski trails this morn and the snowmobile would not start. Last time it ran was middle of December. Quite some time between grooms. Im pretty sure that thing doesn’t work about half the time I try and use it. They (the park dudes) will try to get it to fire and if the get it running I will try again in the morning.

So I did the Chicago show yesterday. It was pretty OK. It was a bike show. I spent about 3 hours there. Which is not bad considering I spend about 4 hours at Interbike. I can tell I’ve been doing this awhile cuz now I can say it was nice seeing some old rep’s I havent seen in awhile. Its funny how I see the same guys but with different companies or products. The independent reps seem to move around a bit.

It was a full day as it was a three hour drive down, then three hours in the show and a three hour drive home. But its the middle of winter and easy to do. I did miss a few seminars that I wanted to look in on but I did make plans to take in a few BMC road bikes this spring. Nice bikes that win tours. Not that thats the only reason. They ship out of Chicago so one day shipping is nice. I used to sell Felt which is another great high end bike but there annual commitments were too high. Trek will always be the bike of choice but having another option is always good to have. So Felt is out and BMC is in and brand “B”.

That’s about the only thing I did yesterday at the show. I checked out the new products. I looked over all the new car hitch racks and came away with the same one I had last year. Thule T2 Pro. I like that one. It fits everything all the time and folds nice on the car not using it. I kept mine on my car all summer. Never got in the way. I will go with that one again this summer.

I most likely won’t post tomorrow. If I dont groom I will ride. The snow trails around here are prime. After the snow last week the trails got rode in a bit and then we got another 2 or so inches to cover that up. And cover up any ice that was out there so I hear the riding is prime right now. So, again, thats where I will be until that changes. If I groom and not ride tomorrow morn I will for sure ride Saturday and Sunday.

Its a bit upsetting that its February and I have yet to take a weekend up north to ride but I have two set in stone. And I mean I’ll go alone if I have to. Feb 25 and 26 I will be in Marquette and then of course March 9th thru the 12th up in Hayward for the Fat Bike Birkie. That just two weeks past the Marquette weekend. So I hoped for more weekend up in the great white north but the thaw had screwed up so many things that it just turned out this way. But I’ll take it.

If I dont post tomorrow have a good weekend. Get outside.


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