We Have Snow!

Hell has froze over. I’ve got about 5 inches at my house, only about 2 inches of snow at the store and the same at the local park I groom for skiing. Anything close to the lake got more rain. But the State trail system we ride and ski on got 8 to 10 inches of wet snow! Just about 15 miles inland.

My house

And I’ve heard reports that the wet snow has packed down like a highway. We are back in business.


So much so that I’ve cancelled my trip to Marquette or Hayward or anywhere I was going to go to.

On the left is a pic from yesterday morn from said trail system. Tons of snow there. My new home for awhile.

As I look at the 10 day from the NWS it looks like this snow will stay put for while. The temps just got under freezing for the first time in 9 days last nite. I heard that nine straight days above freezing is a January record here. Im glad we have that behind us now.

And just like that the skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking is all game on. I even have some rentals going out in the store. Winter has returned.

I wish we had more snow near the big lake but I’ll take what we can get.  Its game on. This season is so short that all other bikes get hung up now and its fat bike all the time. Its go time.

Instead of the group ride tomorrow morn I will be in the woods with the Farely EX. And again on Sunday…. and maybe Monday too…  Tuesday nite ride is back on for sure!

I saw this picture the other day.


I absolutely never use a rear hitch rack in the winter. For this reason. Here’s a short story:

It was the first Fat Bike Birkie. I think it was 2013. Back then they capped the race at 350 bikes. Holy crap! A fat bike race with 350 bikes! Thats nuts! Today its over 1000. Moving on…  I had my first aluminum bike back then. A 907 I build up. Back then you had to build them. Anyhoo… I borrowed a buddy’s Saris Freedom rack and used it to head up to Hayward. The ride up was all fine and dandy but after the race, on the way home it snowed all the way home. When I got home after the five and a half hour drive I totally could not even see my bike on the back of the car. One big snow and salt ball.

Ready to go in 2013.

My chain was rusted beyond repair due to the salt. Headset needed attention among other things. You get the idea.

Today the bikes are on my roof all winter. Up and out of the road crap. People have asked me about this and I tell them my opinion. I should just keep that pic above to show them why. I realize its expensive to have both hitch and roof racking. I guess then you need to try and put the bike inside the car\truck\van in winter. I don’t have that option as my cars are just too small to do without some disassembly.

Anyway. Just say no to hitch racks in the winter.

Have a great weekend. I’ll be outside as much as I can. You should too.


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