Mid Week Report

I do have another ride to report. Grabbed the 920 and got in another 20 miles yesterday morn. My knees felt a lot better. Not sure if thats the lower mileage or easier effort talking but it was acceptable. It does seem that if I ride more my knees don’t hurt as much.

Its Wednesday and looking at the forecast we will go below freezing tonite and again tomorrow nite and then ongoing. That will be 11 days above freezing. We could be on one of the warmest Januarys on record.

Right now its snow\raining. We were back to complete bare grass. And ponds. A flood warning has been issued here. Crazy.

So its back to winter temps tomorrow but the damage is done. When this happens its very hard to go back to selling winter stuff. People are just fed up with the weather and will just hunker down until spring. I hope not. Winter is short enough to go ignoring it if it comes late. I always said the best skiing sometimes comes in March.

One of my fav pics of Marquette.

So, again, its Wednesday. And I had plans to leave this weekend. Well, I still do kinda. First, it was going to be Marquette. There is a big ski race there this weekend and I always liked going up for that. Then,  the guys up in Hayward had a nice weekend planned for last week, along with the IMBA thing so I ditched Marquette this weekend for Hayward last weekend. So…. with the thaw last weekend I didnt go and then went back to the original thought to go to Marquette this weekend. Then…. they rescheduled the fun activities in Hayward last weekend for this weekend and then Marquette was out for a second time and Hayward back in for this weekend.

Today, as I sit here, I just dont have the cash for 3 days in Hayward so now Im back once again to Marquette this weekend. Just for one nite, being there just Sat\Sun. It’s a shorter drive and since I was going alone all will have someone to ride with if I go up there… so as of Wednesday morn its Marquette. I’ll still need to get a trail report before I go. It is warm up there today but will be well below freezing by the weekend.

I need confirmation on the trails. Last year we went up there and it had snowed every day for a week so the trails sucked. It’s a lot of money and long drive to ride on sucky trails. I can do that here.

I guess I’ll make the final call Friday morn.


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