Weekend Report

Another weekend in the books.

I did get a ride in on Saturday. It was foggy. It was raining. It was miserable but we had 7 guys show up which I thought was stellar. We have such a great group of guys here.

My 920 was the talk of the group. I’ve got big fenders that the others were very envious of. I was the driest guy in the group. Actually, the bike has been going thru some growing pains.

As you may know, the bike comes with 29er MTB wheels and tires. Its labeled an adventure bike. Over the time I’ve had it I’ve had many types of 700c tires on it. You can put some 700c tires on a 29er wheel but they fit like crap. You need to blow them up to 100+ to seat them. Something you can’t do on the road.

So this week I grabbed the 700c wheels that I got with my Domane last spring, converted the front hub from 12mill to 15mil thru axle and picked up a set of Kenda’s new gravel tire.

This is the wheelset that I will leave on the bike. And the tires that will stay on it till later spring. Once I get settled back into a road bike I will put 32c road tires on and put the bike back into tour configuration. But this will be winter mode till then.

The Kenda’s are listed as a 40c but they are a bit bigger than the 40c Clements I had a while back. Perfect for winter\spring riding. They are also 120tpi and a lot cheaper than the Clements.

As for a road bike, I have to start planning for that right about now. However, things change so fast that new products come out and I need to re group.

Right now Im looking at a Trek Boone cross frame(yup, for a road bike), Sram eTap (prefer hydro brakes but most likely not available) and Zipp 404 wheels. The only thing I could change today is maybe a Project One Domane frame. Also if I insist on hydro it will have to be Shimano. So nothing set in stone. Its early.

Another issue. After the 30 mile ride on Saturday the level that I was sore after was off the charts. Everything hurt. My knees the most. Just killer pain in both. In the past when that happenes I just raise my seat a little. But maybe its too high? My hips are rocking a bit but they feel fine. While my right knee was condemned and labels for a complete replacement in 2012, it seems the left is now following in its footsteps. Not sure what to do.

I have insurance, but pretty crappy insurance. I just can’t afford to replace. When it gets a bit nicer out and my outside riding increases I might go in for some cortisone.

And since we are heading in that direction, I need to mention my weight is higher than its ever been. But that seems to happen every year at this time, but every year it seems to be 5 pounds more than last. Im embarrassed to publish my weight right now but I need to work on this harder. I wish I could be more active but with crappy knees its getting tough to do. Even walking for some time is a issue. I can ride better than I can walk but thats to limited of movement to lose weight.

But I gotta think of something and act on it. As usual during the preliminary stages of this I’m always optimistic. And I dont post much about it so you may not hear much about it in the future….



2 thoughts on “Weekend Report

  1. Maybe it’s just that perfect time of year for you to set some goals for yourself. Since the shop is not in busy mode, maybe you can start working at your diet in order to lose weight and secondly: think about your bike fit. Is the 920 set up correctly for your knees? Can cleats be moved at all, are you lined up over the pedal axle etc… All things that you do for others, now maybe you can look at for yourself. Good luck with your journey; it will take a lot of effort, but you CAN do it if you truly want it.

    1. Thx for the reply. I think about my diet a lot. I just need to act on it. Not so good with that aspect.

      As far as the 920, I do measure my bikes and set up the same. I measured the seat yesterday and its the same as others. I did ride 20 miles this morn and it was a lot better. Some pain but not as bad as Saturday. Maybe I just need to keep those knees moving….. take care!

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