More Rain

I wasn’t going to post today but my planned morning ride is a rain out. With tomorrow’s group ride a possible rain out too. This crap is starting to hit the critical stage. Even people who dont do outside activities in winter seem bummed by the weather. I can’t help thinking if all this rain were snow we would be knee deep. But its not.

The CAMBA fat bike race up in Cable was indeed moved to the 29th. So I will start the preliminary preparation for the trip up there that weekend. It seems I will be going alone so maybe I’ll just go Fri thru Sunday. Which is a week from right now. I guess I’ll see what’s up at the time.

Other than that not much going on. Hope to ride a bike tomorrow. A short ride is better than no ride.

I won’t leave without at least one pic of the lake. From last week.


Have a great weekend.


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