Took a longer walk on the beach this morn. 40 degrees. When the sun hit you it felt like I could have been there in a tshirt. Warm.

Still kinda bummed out. As I type this I should be on my way to Hayward. I should be somewhere near Park Falls. I would have been on the trails just after lunch. I heard yesterday that the trails up in Hayward are closed until further notice. I just heard the race they are doing will be canceled by the end of the day. Scheduled for next week. I think I can go if they do that. But I will miss the IMBA fat bike workshop. I really wanted to go and I’ve already paid.

Its just all such a dissapointment.

I think I went thru all 5 stages of grief.

 1. Denial and isolation; 2. Anger; 3. Bargaining; 4. Depression; 5. Acceptance

1) Really? No way. Ther weather forecast will change in a few days. They are wrong.

2) Sonofa! I can’t believe this is happening in January. What the hell?

3) Fine, the snow in the fields can melt but please let us keep the snow in the woods.

4) Can’t do anything outside. Might as well stay in bed.

5) Let’s grab the road bikes and ride!


Even the beach is unrideable. You would think with all the thawing and rain this would improve. Im not holding my breath.

I’ll consider a road ride in the morning.  I’ll just grab the 920 and go. The Saturday morning ride will for sure be all road. Road riding in winter is the worst. But it still beats riding a trainer. By a lot.

I need to pedal something soon. Hopefully it will move when I pedal it.

This is kinda my Friday post if I ride in the morning. Chance of rain the next four days but the sun is out right now. Tomorrows morning ride will be near 40 degrees, Saturday too. Im not sure I have any riding clothes to march that as its all been put away somewhere.

How sad to drag that stuff back out in January. Have a good weekend.


2 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Funny that before fat bikes, cyclists in WI would LOVE 40 to 50 degree temps in January. Now riders pray for snow and cold 🙂

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