False Winter 2017

Is it even worth it 12308235_571982316288127_5011090823680419709_nto complain? I dont know what else to do. Why do I live here? Im sure this weather upsets me more than others. I try to not let it bother me. But it does. I woke up last nite around 3am and this crap winter was on my mind for an hour before I could fall back asleep. I had just canceled a trip to Hayward,WI. this weekend, winter capital of Wisconsin, due to warm temps, thawing and rain. Very upsetting.

Just two days ago I was riding on beautiful snow bike trials, watching the skiers fly by as we crossed trails. Now its 25% gone already and the warm weather\rain will be here for another 10 days. We should be down to bare grass by then.

So why do I live here? Let’s take a look at the seasons here in  Southeastern Wisconsin.

First we’ll start with summer. Summers in Wisconsin are the best. Not too hot and not too cold. Well not too cold once summer starts. Here along Lake Michigan it won’t be considered summer until some time in June. And it can last only about 3 months. Until sometime later in September. Short sleeves and shorts rule.

Then we have my favorite, Fall. Even cooler temps, trees turning and most likely the best riding of the year. We switch from mostly road to MTB’s or maybe cross bikes too. I always travel to northern Wisco in the fall for some spectacular riding in the woods. Last fall we even threw in some gravel rides. Fall starts maybe early October into late November. About 2 months.

Then we have my second favorite, Winter. This is a tricky one. There is winter, and then there is false winter. To me, winter is cold, snow on ground and occasional flurries. Maybe one blizzard per year. It can get cold but not be winter. I call that just a cold day. More on that later.

So let’s fast forward to spring. Spring is the worst. Spring is that one drunk uncle in your family. The one who hasn’t held a job in years. But yet he shows up every year during the Holidays. When he walks in your house you roll your eyes.

To me, false winter and spring are the same thing. The month or time of year is immaterial. It comes in and takes away all the things that make winter great. Could be in any month but mostly starting in earnest late February or early March.

Take the situation right now. It’s really spring weather. Or false winter, call it what you want. It’s the middle of January and check out this 10 day.


This takes us to Thursday, Jan 26th. Almost the end of January. That’s unacceptable. So if you look ahead to the end of Jan, we had about 6 days of winter. So, if I would maybe estimate 15 days of winter, that leaves 5 and a half months of false winter\spring. Thats a long time in crappy weather.

Here’s the ski trails I groom on Dec 27th .7 days AFTER the 11 inch snowfall. Sad.

 You know what? We will get that one snowstorm. 10 plus inches, blizzard like conditions. It will come the end of February when nobody wants it. And its 45 degrees the next day anyway. Then again in April we will get a couple small snows we should have had in early December. Punching spring well into May.

It will be in the 40’s on January 20th. And its still in the 40’s the first week of May (or later). Think about that right there. Why do I live here?

Im 56 years old. And it always wasn’t this way. As a kid we had winters. I remember winters in the 80’s being much better. I dont remember much of the 90’s as I owned a trucking company and worked 15 hours a day. But come year 2000 and beyond it started changing. Global warming? Maybe, I dont know much about that.

But I can tell you the winters here are 1\4th of what they used to be. And its just not one year, like a El Nino year. It’s every year. It’s the way it is now. There’s no doubt its different than when I was younger. You can’t tell year to year but now since Im old I can tell the difference decade to decade.

As I get older and my active years get closer and closer to the end I just notice this way more. I live where half the year is a bit of a struggle to get outside and do stuff. However I do my best with what I have and what I can’t change. But as time goes on, and I get older, it gets harder and harder to do.

Personally, it would be easy for me to move. It’s my family and my business that keep me wanting to stay here.  But there will come a time, I dont know when, but someday Im just going to throw my hands up in the air, like I just dont care, and pack my bags to move to the great white north. You can visit me anytime.


2 thoughts on “False Winter 2017

  1. Did you forget about the super cold winters the last couple years? Much colder than normal, with snow and weeks in a row with lows below zero. Enough to raise Great Lake water levels by a couple feet!

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