Easy Come\Go

Well we had spectacular trails for at least two days.


Like I planned I put in a good two hours in our local park on Saturday before work. The trails were20170114_090431 “not bad” which is a huge improvement to all the ice from all the thawing and rain. It really was the first time I rode in the woods this winter and I enjoyed it. About 5 of us tooled around in the snow for awhile. The couple inches of snow we got Thursday covered most of the ice and all the frozen footprints too. We’ve had these conditions like this already in November and its still sad that it too till mid January to get this.

Then on Sunday it was a trip out to out State trails we call Greenbush.

And I was pleasantly surprised to find them in near perfect shape. This trail system just holds the snow better than anywhere else around here. It’s also where all the skate skiers come to ski.


It was incredible how awesome these trails were. Again, with the big thaw over the Holidays these trail took a pounding from all the hikers (which is perfectly legal) and they had huge potholes frozen in time. Tons of ice and not fun to ride. I didnt even try from what I was hearing. But just add 3 or 4 inches of the right snow and throw in a ton of bikes to run them in and its go time. The trails were fast and smooth. All the footprints got filled in. A great two hour ride on near perfect trails.


Here’s the crew that assembled Sunday morn. I made sure you know where I was here. As a side note a dude was skiing on the bike trails with some off track ski’s. Kinda like cross country skis and downhill ski mixed together. Anyway, this guy was flying. On the skinny bike trail. I could not catch him. It was cool watching him in front of us going downhill. Sure looks like fun but I sure as hell could not do it. He had skills.

So it was a great weekend to ride. Im pretty sore this morn but in a good way.

Thus endith the good news.

First off, having the greatest trials of the year for only two days before the rains come is a kick in the ass. We all know this was coming but it just stings a bit more with the great trail conditions out there. All we can do now is sit and watch. About a half inch of rain predicted in the next 24 hours. Temps well above 40 to near 50 in the next 7 days or so. The low temps won’t get below freezing. By the time this is done we will be down to bare grass for sure.

Kick in the ass number two: The melting conditions are headed all the way up to Hayward. I have canceled all plans to go up there next weekend. Even up there, the temps will not get below freezing even at nite from Thursday to Sunday. With a little rain thrown in.

My funds for these weekends are very limited in the winter and I just can’t take the chance of poor trail conditions. I will just have to regroup and try again. I can’t believe how crappy this winter is. And the crappiness is ongoing.

So I dont know if I should be glad that I got in two rides in the snow trails or pissed that it’s all going away. I guess I can say Im both.

Time to break out the road bike.




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