So last nite we got just a couple inches of snow. Not a big deal but I was pumped that it was acually below freezing. A week ago it was below zero.

The snow we got covered the ground a bit and from the reports I have heard the woods is in much better shape. Still some ice but tolerable. I’ll wait a few days to let everyone run in the trails and then I can’t wait to get out there. It’s Friday, January 13th (scarey) and I have yet to ride my bike on snow (how many times have you heard that?). But its really nuts. So this weekend I might actually get to do that. Both Saturday and Sunday. And I need to get some snow miles in fast cuz we are once again set to get rain all Monday nite into Tuesday.Then temps hovering near 40 the rest of the week. It seems winter is just not going to show up for any length of time.

I gatta hit the woods as much as I can this weekend.

Then I only have a three day week next week as Im leaving early Thursday for the IMBA Fat Bike Conferences in Cable, WI. and will be up in Hayward from the 19th to the 22nd.

Info here.

It starts Friday morn and runs all day Saturday too. I won’t stay for all the stuff as I will need to get some riding in as thats really why Im up there. I’ll be riding the trail by Thursday afternoon. But to learn a little is not a bad thing.

More info here.

Then on Sunday is a race that is a fundraiser for the grooming up there. I will donate some swag and of course enter the race. Then proceed to ride my bike as fast as I can. Which is not very fast. But I could care less, it should be fun.

This morn on way to park. 845am

Looking at the weather up there, its looks warm also. Upper 30’s all weekend. For reference it was -20 there this morn. I hope the trails hold up.

So thats about it for this weekend. It’s going to be work, as much woods riding as I can stand and then the Packer game later Sunday. Have a great weekend.


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