Dont Get Me Started (too late)

You can imagine my excitement to wake up to over 4 inches of new snow on Tuesday morn. It seems a bit more that at my house. Then imagine my surprise to see it start raining by 8am. I was not that surprised. The weather dudes called for it but I thought maybe they could be wrong. But they were not. Then maybe I thought that it wont amount to much, maybe a bit less rain than they predicted. Nope. Was maybe a little bit more. It pretty much rained from 8am to 4pm.

90% of the snow we got was gone. At least last time we the lost the snow we had it for about 5 days before it rained. Now it was 5 hours. Huge ponds of water and ice. My driveway flooded, then froze. You can ice skate on it.

And now we lost the beach too.


Look back a few days here and see how nice it was. This was the beach this morning. All the ice broke up was got pushed up. This winter had been the worst yet. Next week its in the upper 30’s to 40. Look out the next 10 days and see nothing but rain. What the hell.

We now have nowhere to ride. Beach is shot. Woods is shot. Roads are all ice.

I honestly dont know who much more I can take. I say this every year. Every winter. Every spring. Last winter was bad and this one so far is worse. We had 20 days of skiing last year. So far its been 5. True, its only near the middle of January but in reality it could start warming up in 6 weeks. Just 6 weeks!

Now I would for sure welcome a early spring, that helps a ton but that is never the case.

I need to stop complaining about something I can’t control. But I can control where I live. And as will continue to complain. I guarantee you someday my tolerance for this crap will end and I will pull the trigger. Im not getting any younger and my active days are winding down. The years I have left to enjoy a good ride or ski may be in the single digits (I hope not). The earth spins around only so many times with you on it.

I do like the summers and fall here. But from December to May it sucks. Too warm in winter, too cold in spring. Rant over. But as soon as Im done typing this I am googling houses for sale in Marquette.MI and Hayward,WI.

I’ve said this every other day but I have yet to ride my bike on snow…. thats nuts.

Id better go, Im upsetting myself. But one thing is for sure, Im going to start leaving all my weekends open for any last minute travel to find snow.


Wa da ya think?

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