Life is a Beach

Temps this morn are at a balmy 21 degrees. About 20 degrees warmer than yesterday.

Saturday, 930am

Saturday I woke up to -1 for temp and had planned to ride the beach in less than an hour. So I got ready as fast as I could, which was about 40 minutes to get dressed. I pretty much wore every piece of winter clothing I had. It’s been a long time since I rode in single digits. So I bundled up and headed out to find there was at least 6 or 7 others as hearty as I was. He all unloaded and headed for the beach.

It was in as about as perfect shape as I can remember. Hard as rock and smooth. I had time constraints and had to get back to work but we got in about a hour and a half of fun. In fact, before we ending we decided to do it again on Sunday. It’s been years since the beach was in this great shape. At least 3, maybe 4 years. So it was decided to rinse and repeat.

Sunday it was way warmer. Up to 7 degrees from yesterdays 3 degrees.


You can see from the pic the sand is froze solid. No float needed here. I had my tire pressure up over 15 pounds. In fact no fat tire needed. You could have rode a cross bike on this. But I still kinda chuckle at the guys who ran 4 or 5 pounds in their tires.. Sunday we had way more time to ride so it was a 30 miler. Towards the end I got pretty tired and had to back off a little. And consequently got dropped but thats OK. A little longer ride was needed by more guys than just me.


The water crossing were interesting to say the least. Being the biggest guy nobody want to cross with me. The ice did crack a little more with me on it. Sometimes its just a leap of faith. At least it is for a bug guy like me.

But Sunday was once again a amazing bike ride. While some deem the beach “boring” I just love the scenery. Its a unique bike ride that you can only do a short time of the year. I remember doing 60 miles on a ride about 6 or 7 years ago. That was a amazing ride I’ll never forget. And I must admit I dressed pretty good for the low temps. I was very comfortable both days.

With the crappiest winter of all time still in full swing its a Godsend that we have the beach back. The last few years the waterline has been so high it was near impossible to ride. This year much more exposed beach. And its a lifesaver with the woods all iced up since the middle of December.

Speaking of the crappiest winter ever, the weather dudes are calling for 40 degrees and rain tomorrow. Just 48 hours before that it was below zero. Just a crazy, crappy winter.

So 40 and rain will most likely dash any thoughts of a Tuesday nite ride. So who knows when I’ll get to ride again….  but I’ll do my best. But I must say this weekend’s riding was pretty damn good. Very enjoyable and needed in this day and age of crappy winter.

Just FYI. Im going to complain about this crappy winter a lot. At least until it goes away either by more snow or maybe just spring.


Wa da ya think?

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