Neg Temps


Here’s what’s left of the ice balls. Still, it was a pretty cool thing to see. Maybe once in a lifetime?

It’s been below zero the last few mornings. Not much going on outside. Im pretty bored. I’ve been eBaying stuff to keep a little busy. And I play around with bikes too. I put some fenders on the 920.


I found some 29er full coverage fenders by Planet Bike. So I put them on. Just another step in winterizing my 920. Now Im ready for the crappiest of weather and roads.

Let me spend a paragraph complaining about the weather. Here we are, sub zero temps. With almost green grass and no snow. When the arctic temps move out guess what? Its looking like rain again. Next Tuesday.  Temps will moderate to the upper 30’s, rain, and then back to single digits. I am not sure how long I can take this.

Historically, it starts warming up about the last week of February. Which is only 7 weeks away. And when it does warm, it only to the 40’s and that lasts into May. So you would think with all this warming and warmer winters we would have a earlier and warmer spring. Nope. Spring could last 3 months and that could seem longer than winter.

Rant over. And I dont feel any better. Lets see what the low pressure brings up next Tuesday.

The cold temps will keep me from riding the Saturday morn group ride tomorrow morn. Looks to be about 4 degrees at ride time and thats just too cold for a road ride. Maybe 10 years ago but Im just too old for that shit anymore.


However, the beach looked amazing this morn at -4 degrees. So Im going to load up the fat bike and drive over to the park and at least get in a small ride on the beach in the morn. Pretty much wearing every piece of winter clothing I own. Between the ice balls and sunny blue sky it should be a great winter ride. You can see several piles of the ice balls in this pic.

Then on Sunday a few of us are going to make the 2.5 hour drive to Levis.

Info here.

And here.

Amazing trails in the summer and now 15 miles of groomed bike trail to boot. They have way more snow than we have and I know one of the groomers there. A quick call to him yesterday and got confirmation that the trails are in good shape. And temps moderating unto the teens by noon Sunday. Definitely worth the drive since I have yet to ride a groomed snow trail yet this winter (sad). Thats so important to me that Im missing the first Packer playoff game. I have priorities.

So there’s my weekend in a nutshell. I hope it all works out. Its been a week since I rode a bike. Have a good weekend.


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