Mid Week

Im a little late today. Has stuff to do. Personal stuff. It’s cold now. 6 degrees as I walked the beach this morn. Wearing shorts of course. Tonite and until Friday will be below zero at nite. Looks like no ride until Sunday when its supposed to moderate into the teens. The group ride Saturday morn looks like 6 or 7 degrees. I might pass on that too.

I did get quite a surprise this morning.



For the first time in my life I experienced “ice balls” on the lake. I’ve heard of them. Mostly on the other side of the lake in MI. Im 56 years old and have spent time on the shoreline almost every day, even in winter, and its the first time I’ve witnessed these. There were hundreds of them.

I looked online to get a explanation on how this happens and this is the best one I could find. She does explain it pretty simply. So that was kinda exciting for me today.

Not sure if I mentioned this before but I signed up for the IMBA Fat Bike workshop which just happens to be in Cable, WI. at the very place we stay at when up there. So convenient how could I not go. The head of WI’s DNR will be there talking about incorporation of fat bike grooming with ski trails. Which is a topic very hot right now here. So I’ll get in on that conversation. And then blow the rest off to ride. More on this later….

So that is my mid week report. I sent out a “ice ball” email to the locals and got the prerequisite smart ass remarks. I was expecting that.


Wa da ya think?

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