Winter (lack of)

Half the group Saturday. And me.

The Saturday morning ride was good. But then again anytime I can get on a bike these days is good. We were on our way to the beach. I rode the sand for a while but had to bail as it was kinda soft. When we are on cross or MTB’s Im the first to notice the softer sand being the heaviest rider. The first thing I noticed on this pic is how bright and visible I am compared to all the others who wear practically all black. I never wear black on the road anymore. Safety yellow works people!

The beach was not that bad to start but as usual, the farther south you got the worse it got. It was so different than the beach we rode just 24 hours before. Mostly because the temps were just a smidge above freezing then. It was in the mid 20’s the day before.

So I bailed on the beach after 20 minutes or so. The others kept going and I knew where to ride to to meet back up with them.

Ice to see you.

And then this happened. This is the road out the backside of the park that we take when we ride thru. With all the rain 4 days ago it flooded. Then froze. It took me 20 minutes to walk this. I can’t believe I didn’t fall and break a hip or something. A few close calls tho.

So after this adventure I knew they were long gone when I got to the meet up point.Then it was all solo to the restaurant. The group put on some extra miles and I did beat them to the table and was enjoying my coffee when the got there.

The ride back was uneventful. Some took the beach. I didnt. Road ride all the way home.

The 920 is in its final configuration. However I am going to order some full coverage 29er fenders. The do exist. And I will put them on for the slushy crappy rides that will show up from time to time.

Let’s get back to the title of this post. As I was struggling to walk across that 200 years of ice road I had some thoughts. Some thoughts contained swear words.

Im a winter guy. I really like doing winter things. Its not that I dont like summer, I do. But I like winter just as much or maybe a bit more. I like to CC ski. It’s a good workout for me and I have fun doing it. It was just a few days ago the trails were prime and I was all set to get some exercise in the mornings.

Now, throw in fat bikes. I ride fat bikes 12 months of the year but really its the groomed snow riding that I love. And while thats not very prominent where I live it can get pretty good here. That’s not happened yet but it could. The best trails are 4 to 5 hours drive from here but some smaller trail systems are closer.

When you throw in all the awesome winter activities you just dont seem to mind the cold. Even fat biking at or near below zero can be done with pleasure. I like doing winter stuff.

Rewind to me trying to walk across that ice. We had good snow. It rained and flooded and is gone. Today ( Monday) we are looking at more rain later today. 40 degrees. Rain. On January 2nd. Then, after the rain, the temps are going to plummet to the single digits or colder for the next 6 or so days. So its either too warm and raining or bitter cold but still no snow. I am calling bullshit.

I dont know when. I dont know where. But at some point I am outta here. Im 56 years old and my active years are coming to a close. I’ve always said Im moving north to more winter and that may be the case. But even south to more summer would be better than this crap. I mean, if its not going to be winter then it might as well be summer.

And then on top of no winter, our spring lasts until June. Not cold, but not warm either. This weather today really has me bummed. I won’t say this out loud but I hate it here. The weather, that is.

I’ll stop complaining. Rant over.

In the back of my mind I was thinking a quick run up to Marquette next weekend but the temps look to be below zero at the time so thats probably out. I have yet to ride my fat bike on snow. And now saying that bummed me out more. Id better stop.


Wa da ya think?

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