A spectator this morn.

Finally got in a ride. The beach was amazing this morn. Hard as rock and easy pedaling. I could have went up to 15psi pretty easy. I was pretty close at 12. 22 degrees with the sun was no problemdscn5405em. In fact I still have not worn my Bontrager boots. Im still wearing my Shimano MW7’s which is just a real heavy shoe.

I dont break out the Bontys until its under 20 degrees. Tomorrow’s Saturday morning group ride will be over 30 degrees. My feet would be sweatballs wearing the boots.

With the mild winters we have been having I end up wearing the Bonty boots maybe 10 times a winter.The rest with the Shimano shoes.

The crew today.

Today I tried out a helmet cover. It really helped. I was pretty warm and acually took it off on the way back. In years past I’ve always tried a winter helmet but found them too warm so I thought a helmet cover would be nice on the really cold days. Next time its in the teens I will use it again. Everyone makes fun of it calling it a shower cap. They’re mean.

With the crappy icy woods Im pretty happy to at least have the beach back. If you look behind us on this pic you can see where the water line was last year to our left. There literally was no beach. Its return is very welcome.

This video was taken maybe 2008 or so. Before we had fat bikes.

In fact tomorrow’s group ride might just be on the beach without a fat bike to be found. While a fatty would be great for the beach there is just too much road involved on that ride for me to pull off a fat bike. However, some have done so successfully but those riders are far and few. So tomorrow’s ride will be mostly MTB’s.


So yesterday I ripped off the MTB tires from the 920 and put on some 42c tires so I can put the fenders back on. It just seemed to rub me the wrong way and today Im putting it back the way it was. I do shit like this a lot. Completely build up a bike and decide I dont like it for whatever reason and take it all apart.again.

In this case I just think Im better off with the wider MTB tires for the winter. I can’t run the fenders then but so what. I have some clip ons I can use. So back to this vertion it goes.


With the new lack of snow the store is a bit slower and I can do the entire ride tomorrow. That always makes for a good Saturday.

As usual, I have no plans for New Years Eve and its been that we for years. Then on Sunday I head up to Green Bay to visit my Mom. Then hurry home to watch the Packers Sunday nite.

And thats whats up this weekend. Have a good one.


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