Ship Day

Not much going on in the bike world. I didnt ride last nite. The woods was just too icy. Then I had the thought of hitting the beach this morn, then just could not get out of bed fast enough. I did walk the beach a bit this morn. It was rock hard but crazy windy. But was like a highway. Friday morning for sure….

So how about a ship day. Today was a rare day indeed as I saw two ships within eyeshot.


Here is the Stewart J Cort. The Cort is one of less than a handful 1000 ft ships. Or “footers” as they are called. Very limited to ports that can fit in. The long ships mostly run iron ore from Duluth down to the Indiana steel mills. It was pretty far out there this morn. Hard to see with the naked eye. One or two of these ships winter up in Sturgeon Bay,WI but they dont fit in the slips and have to tie up outside the docks.


The on the other side of the spectrum we have the Prentiss Brown. Its a tug boat bolted to a barge. These smaller ships usually haul salt into much smaller ports. The ones that bigger ship just dont fit into. I caught it just as it was passing one of the power plant buoys.

I had just missed the ships passing one another by maybe 20 minutes. That would have been a great shot.

Today I got in maybe my ladscn5398st Trek Farley. I still have a few on the floor but for the most part are sold out. I’m set to maybe get a couple more late January. I hope so.

In the back of my mind Im thinking of selling my Farely EX and building up a 9.8 for the winter.

I knew that hauling around all the suspension all winter was going to be a thing. Or kinda a thing. Or maybe Im just making it into a thing..

I would love to get a 9.8 frameset and build from there. Di2 and HED 27.5 wheels. That thing would be a winter groomed trail rocket. But that stuff is expensive even to a dealer so its just a thought right now. I have many thoughts. Too many.

Im also going to take the 2in tires off my 920 today and put on 42c tires so I can put my full coverage fenders on for winter. Sooner or later I will get that bike to where I want it.I’ll throw some pics up when its done.

I’d better go. That Farely isn’t going to build itself.


Wa da ya think?

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